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Moment of Success of the Month

GEZ Rail Solutions GmbH – Rejuvenating Trains

  • A second life: GEZ Rail Solutions returns older trains from Germany onto the tracks of Mexico.
  • But not before they first undergo technical rejuvenation: All the electronic systems are replaced with new equipment.
  • The centerpiece: The train control system, newly innovated with WAGO, represents a special challenge here – as it ultimately coordinates all vital systems.

Railway Systems

Łódź, Poland

When true passion for a job meets expert knowledge, the result can be truly fabulous projects – like one of the most modern train stations in central Europe: the Łódź Fabryczna. This spectacular underground train station has far more to offer than is visible at first glance. The comprehensive technical equipment of the building is also impressive – after all, many trains and buses arrive and depart the station every day, reliably and safely. And the technical experts rely primarily on automation solutions from WAGO.

Power Engineering

Papaflessas, Greece

This feeling of making a contribution to a cleaner world is amazing motivation. With it – and the support of WAGO technology – even the highly complex task of controlling an entire wind farm becomes a fun challenge, according to the engineers in Papaflessas, where one of many wind farms is being built to supply the country with green energy.

Building Technology

Flow East – Tradition meets The Modern Age

  • Bringing 21st century architecture to Prague's Wenceslas Square was one of the long-standing goals of our customer, The Flow East. The challenge facing them: the historic city center
  • 10 years of planning: What ultimately tipped the scales in their favor was the plan for The Flow Building – along with the quality of the materials and the technologies. As a partner for building technology, the company also relied on WAGO.
  • The result: a building with unique architecture in the middle of the Czech capital that merges old with new – and one that was even certified as “Outstanding” by BREEAM.

Heiligenstadt, Germany

A building that does entirely without fossil fuels and even generates energy? It’s not science fiction – leitec® has made it a reality and gets its energy from an ice storage system. The company relies on WAGO technology to control all the energy and building technology of its high-tech facility.

Effelsberg, Germany

Understanding the vastness of the universe and the various heavenly bodies has long been one of humanity’s great fascinations. High-tech systems like the Effelsberg radio telescope are now bringing us closer than ever before to understanding the secrets of the universe. The giant telescope is equipped with over 100 motors and WAGO technology to control it, making it among the most cutting-edge of its kind.

Prague, Czech Republic

No other instrument can convey the same sense of eternity as the organ. So it is all the more important for the individual components to function reliably throughout a long service life. That’s why Robert Ponča performs regular maintenance on equipment like the organ in the Rudolfinum in Prague to preserve its rich tradition for the future. For retrofitting old instruments, he relies on the reliable I/O System from WAGO to keep the tradition alive into the future.

Freiburg, Germany

These are the moments where everything clicks and something great results. Customized WAGO solutions make such “perfect fit” moments possible. This is how we help bring ideas to life – such as when throwing just one switch is all that is needed in order to make the moment shine.

Lighting Technology

Trebor – the Luminous Vision Moment

  • Always the right lighting: Trebor, a Swedish SCADA specialist, has created an all-in-one edge solution for buildings with a flexible lighting control system that offers complete control and traceability – no programming required.
  • The perfect match: In WAGO, Trebor has found a partner that delivers high-performance products and the perfect hardware for the developed software solution.
  • The vision: to help create a better future with DALI-based open standard software – for optimized systems and an optimized lifecycle assessment.

Swiss Precision Lighting – Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

Leaving a sustainable world for our grandchildren – Swiss Precision Lighting has made that its mission, developing particularly energy-efficient solutions that maximize the illumination of sports fields while minimizing the light pollution impact on residents and animals. To achieve this, this Swiss company works with modular LED lighting systems that shine the light only where it is needed. And WAGO’s Lighting Management solution for targeted control of each individual lighting module is a reliable member of the team.

Rheinfelden, Switzerland

Is it possible to raise shrimp sustainably and locally while offering the animals a habitat similar to their native one? SwissShrimp AG has taken on this challenge and strives to recreate breeding conditions in Switzerland that resemble those in Baja California – with success. A sophisticated lighting concept with fine-grain lighting controllers from WAGO ensures ideal stress-free breeding conditions for the shrimp – sustainably and locally.

Québec, Canada

For the Canadian LED experts at Lumenpulse, light is incredibly exciting. But the lighting systems of the future will also need to be ready for rapid deployment and be easy to control. This is where WAGO comes in: Our solutions ensure reliable functionality and availability of lighting – to make exciting moments possible even in the future.

Shenzhen, China

Light connects people and our society. Tridonic is one of the most innovative companies in the area of networked lighting. In the Chinese technology center of Shenzhen, this Austrian company is working on the future of “connected light systems.” Their work relies on WAGO control technology – because lighting up the world requires reliable partners.

Marine and Offshore

Gothenburg, Sweden

At CATC in Gothenburg, every successful application is met with pride at helping shipping companies move goods more efficiently on the high seas. WAGO technology and solutions allow the company to permanently optimize energy consumption on board. That’s important for the efficient functioning of the customer’s ships – and for the environment.

Mechanical Engineering

Miele Professional – a Powerful Air Purifier

  • For more togetherness: The family-run Miele Group has developed an air purifier that filters viruses, fine dust and pollen out of indoor air with a five-stage filter system.
  • Allowing people to experience togetherness during pandemic and providing protection against aerosols were strong motivations for them to develop the Miele AirControl within a very short time.
  • Partners with shared values: Miele not only is located near WAGO, but also shares its high quality standards and a drive to develop solutions that really help customers.

Eurowash – Environmentally Friendly Carwash Technology

“Washing with passion” – for years, this has been Eurowash’s motto and motivation for a host of new developments. To date, this carwash system manufacturer has pioneered several highly advanced projects. One prime example: Eurowash’s water recycling system, which reduce consumption of clean water to make car washing more environmentally friendly. And from its beginning to its latest carwash innovation, WAGO has proudly supported Eurowash as a technology partner!

TTS Automation – Detecting Temperature Anomalies

Detecting temperature anomalies before they become a risk – that is TTS Automation’s specialty, and it is proud to be able to contribute to combatting the ongoing pandemic. Its Prometheus access monitoring system detects variations in body temperature reliably and quickly, making it the ideal solution for sensitive infrastructure, such as hospitals. The company relies on durable, tried-and-tested components like control technology from WAGO for this intelligent system, which is also used for detecting temperature anomalies on reactor surfaces.

Houston, TX (USA)

Increased safety in the deep-drilling industry in order to protect human lives is the major motivation behind “National Oilwell Varco.” As a manufacturer and developer of machinery for oil and gas drilling operations, NOV wants to prevent accidents through the use of equipment with automated control and make the workplace more ergonomic. NOV relies on technology from WAGO for the especially robust and 100 % reliable components it needs.

Vinterbro, Norway

Not all our examples involve large projects – Thomas Sandberg from Norway made his personal dream come true in the form of his own fully automated brewery. Scalable WAGO systems give him all the options he needs while inspiring him to develop ideas further.

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