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Moments of Success

Our customers’ success is our motivation.

Together – worldwide!

Our customers meet the challenges of their industries every day. They push the limits, pursue new ideas and create innovation. And we are proud to accompany them every step of the way – since their success is our success!

With our versatile WAGO solutions and technologies, we help our customers around the world to achieve their goals. The little moments are also important to us – the personal success stories. We support our customers as a partner through project implementation, helping them along to their individual moments of success.

Moments of Success with WAGO

Our customers think big – every day, in various industries, all around the world – and we help them to experience moments of success.

Heiligenstadt, Germany

A building that does without fossil fuels entirely and even generates energy too? It’s not science fiction – leitec® has made it a reality and gets it energy from an ice storage system. The company relies on WAGO technology to control all the energy and building technology of the high-tech building.

Göteburg, Sweden

At CATC in Göteborg, every successful use is met with pride at helping shipping companies move goods more efficiently on the high seas. WAGO technology and solutions allow the company to permanently optimize energy consumption on board. That’s important for the efficient functioning of the customer’s ships – and the environment.

Effelsberg, Germany

Understanding the far reaches of the universe, with all its various heavenly bodies, has long been one of humanity’s great fascinations. High-tech systems like the Effelsberg radio telescope are now bringing us closer than ever before to understanding the secrets of the universe. The giant telescope is equipped with over 100 motors and WAGO technology to control it, making it among the most cutting-edge of its kind.

Québec, Canada

For the Canadian LED experts at Lumenpulse, light is incredibly exciting. But the lighting systems of the future will also need to be ready for rapid deployment and be easy to control. This is where WAGO comes in: Our solutions ensure reliable functioning and availability of lighting – to make exciting moments possible even in the future.

Prague, Czech Republic

No other instrument can convey such a sense of eternity as the organ. This makes the reliable functioning of the individual components and their long service life all the more important. That’s why Robert Ponča performs regular maintenance on equipment like the organ in the Rudolfinum in Prague, in order to preserve its rich tradition for the future. For retrofitting old instruments, he relies on the reliable I/O System from WAGO to keep the tradition alive into the future.

Freiburg, Germany

These are the moments where everything clicks and something great results. Customized WAGO solutions make such “perfect fit” moments possible. This is how we help bring ideas to life – such as when throwing just one switch is all that is needed in order to make the moment shine.

Shenzhen, China

Light connects people and our society. Tridonic is one of the most innovative companies in the area of networked lighting. In the Chinese technology center of Shenzhen, this Austrian company is working on the future of “connected light systems.” Their work relies on WAGO control technology – because lighting up the world requires reliable partners.

Papaflessas, Greece

This feeling of contributing to making the world a little bit cleaner is an indescribable motivation. With it – and the support of WAGO technology – even the highly complex task of controlling an entire wind farm becomes a fun challenge, according to the engineers in Papaflessas, where one of many wind farms is being built to supply the country with green energy.

Vinterbro, Norway

These don’t always have to be large projects. Thomas Sandberg from Norway made his personal dream come true: his own fully automated brewery. Scalable #WAGO systems give him all the options he needs and inspire him to develop his ideas further.

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Video Clips

  • Vinterbro, Norway


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  • Pappaflessas, Greece


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  • Shenzhen, China


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  • Freiburg, Germany

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  • Prague, Czech Republic


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  • Québec, Canada


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  • Effelsberg, Germany


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  • Göteburg, Sweden


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  • Heiligenstadt, Germany


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