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Our comprehensive range of electrical interconnect and automation products allows us to provide you with efficient solutions for every project. 


Here you will find our latest products that will keep you one step ahead …

November 19, 2018

New MCS MAXI 6 Connectors with Levers – Field Wiring in Next to No Time

The MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM (MCS) expands: WAGO's new MCS MAXI 6 line of pluggable connectors can terminate 10 mm2 (8 AWG) conductors and has integrated levers, making fast and convenient wiring possible.

October 17, 2018

WAGO Field-Side Power Supply Filters and Power Supply Filters with Integrated Ground Diagnostics for Equipment and Systems with Insulation Monitoring

Until now, reliably powering a fieldbus node was the sole function for both WAGO's field-side power supply filters and power supply filters. However, two new variants now offer integrated ground diagnostics as well. And these models go beyond merely protecting the system against high-energy disturbances on DC supply lines, such as those caused by switching overvoltages or inductive loads, and the field supply against transient overvoltages.

October 11, 2018

WAGO Controllers PFC200 with New EtherCAT® Master Functional Range

Now incorporating EtherCAT® capability, WAGO has significantly increased the application scope for its second generation of PFC200 Controllers. Fundamentally revised for extended capability, fieldbus configuration represents a tremendous advantage for programmers.

October 11, 2018

Simply Perfect Marking with smartSCRIPT

Developed by specialists and precisely tailored to users’ needs, WAGO’s smartSCRIPT is a future-proof marking software developed to pair with the firm’s industry-proven Thermal Transfer smartPRINTER. 

October 11, 2018

3-Phase Power Measurement Module for Three-Phase Supply Networks

Within control cabinets, the new WAGO 3-Phase Power Measurement Module directly measures all parameters in a three-phase electrical supply network. In addition to energy consumption, it is also possible to reliably detect network feedback, such as that from power electronics.

October 11, 2018


An Aesthetic Design Meets High Performance

Depending on the application, panels are available with resistive touchscreens for standard applications in the control cabinet, multi-touch panels with glass surfaces and panels with marine approvals for use in shipbuilding.

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