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Discover the highlights of our interconnection and automation technology and interface electronics.


Single Pair Ethernet: Easy Connection without Plugs

WAGO 2601 and 2086 Series PCB Terminal Blocks Certified for Single Pair Ethernet


The Everyday Digital Helper for Electrical Professionals

Interconnection Technology

More Freedom in Lighting Design

Especially in modern LED lights, there is often not enough space for suitable field-wiring terminal blocks. WAGO now has the solution: the new connection box for lighting and electrical equipment with a Linect® interface can be simply attached outside the light. This leaves more room for creativity and makes the connection process easier for electricians, while protecting the light from contaminants and dust.

Easy Configuration for Compact Terminal Blocks

Our range of mini terminal blocks boasts various actuation types, sizes, mounting variants and colors. To make finding the right solution within our broad selection for your specific application quick and easy, we now offer a new free Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Block Configurator, embedded in WAGO’s Smart Designer configurator. This allows you to customize compact terminal blocks.

Quick, Easy, Unlimited Expansion of Terminal Block Potential

Simple potential multiplication is required when potentials need to be transferred from one terminal block to another. An unlimited number of terminal blocks with a cross-section of 2.5 mm² can be connected using WAGO’s continuous jumpers to quickly and easily expand terminal block potential.


Our Product Finder for Marking Media

Marking ensures safety and allows identification – making it a control cabinet essential. Our product finder for marking media helps you find the material you want for your control cabinet marking quickly and easily. You define your parameters in a brief questionnaire, and it automatically provides a corresponding proposal.

Product Finder: PCB Connectors

The product finder for PCB connectors now offers a quick and easy way to find the right pluggable device connection. A guided dialog asks about the application’s requirements and then recommends the appropriate mix of items.

WAGO Gelbox Protects Connectors from Moisture

The WAGO Gelbox is a compact box filled with silicone-free gel. The Gelbox is available in nine sizes and provides IPX8 moisture protection for WAGO’s 2273 Series PUSH WIRE® Connectors for Junction Boxes, as well as WAGO’s 221 Series Splicing Connectors and Inline Splicing Connectors with levers.


Maximum Security without Loss of PCB Space

The MCS MAXI 16 PCB Connector offers additional locking options with a central front lock.

Inline Splicing Connectors

A truly standard-setting for conductor types from 0.2 to 4 mm² –unsurpassed in simplicity, speed and safety – WAGO’s new 221 Series Inline Splicing Connector with levers.

Secure Pluggable Connections Easily

A Secure Hold with WAGO’s WINSTA® Mounting Carrier for Flying Leads

2086 Series Now Also in White

With its white housing color, the compact 2086 Series PCB Terminal Block is ideal for lighting industry applications. With a connection range from 0.14 to 1.5 mm², it is extremely versatile.

Field Connection with Levers, Now for 2.5 mm² Too

The powerful MCS MIDI allows convenient, tool-free wiring of conductors with cross-sections up to 2.5 mm².

Interface Electronics

The WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply, Now with ORing Technology

To ensure constant system availability, WAGO’s portfolio now includes a new Pro 2 Power Supply with an integrated ORing MOSFET. This integration replaces conventionally installed redundancy modules.

The Eco 2 Power Supply Family Gets a New Addition

The models with 30 W and 120 W output power are now joined by a variant with 240 W output power. The push-in connection and WAGO levers make device connection with the Eco 2 quick, easy and tool-free,

Precise Protection and Space Savings for DC Circuits

WAGO’s single-channel electronic circuit breakers (ECBs) guarantee reliable circuit protection in the control cabinet. They protect both devices and cables while selectively disconnecting individual current paths, preventing unaffected paths from being shut down.

New Power Supply for WAGO DALI Multi-Master

Building automation applications rely on DALI for lighting management, which requires a constant supply voltage of 18 VDC for the WAGO DALI Multi-Master (item no. 753-647).

Now Communicate via ETHERNET Too

From the power supply directly to the cloud: The Pro 2 fully supports ETHERNET/IP.

In addition to IO-Link, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP, the WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply now has an EtherNet/IPTM communication module with an integrated Webserver.

Intelligent Pro 2 Power Supply, Now for Hazardous Areas

Cost and energy efficiency, integrated communication capability and high efficiency up to 95.2 % – WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supply. This devices top features now also includeThe ATEX and IECEx approval.

Automation Technology

An Integrated Approach to Project Engineering

With engineering software tailored to building automation, you can create solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of your building with an efficient, integrated approach. You have the option of setting up all your projects on a Web interface.


Future-Proof CODESYS V3 Programming with the WAGO Basic Controller 100

WAGO’s Basic Controller 100 makes engineering with CODESYS V3 possible. This allows 750 Series Compact Controllers, which are primarily designed for small-to-medium-sized automation applications, to work with the latest version of the IEC 61131-3 development tool.


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Even More Highlights

Discover More New Innovative Products from WAGO

WAGO TOPJOB® S Double-Deck Terminal Blocks for Easy Vertical Conductor Entry

WAGO’s TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks have a long-standing reputation for ensuring safe,maintenance-free system operation in a wide variety of industrial applications and building installations.

Electrical Interconnection Technology

For Economical Power: the Eco Power Supply

With the new Eco Power Supplies (787-2742 and 787-2744), WAGO offers a series of economical DIN-rail-mount power supplies for standard 24 VDC applications.

Interface Electronics

A Holistic Approach: from the Field Level to the Cloud

Everything from a single source: In addition to the PFC100 and PFC200 IoT Controllers, WAGO is expanding its digital performance portfolio with the new WAGO Cloud.

Automation Technology

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