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Our comprehensive range of products allows us to provide you with efficient solutions for every project. Here you can find our latest product to help you stay one step ahead.


Discover the highlights of our electrical interconnection, automation and interface electronic products.


WAGO Splicing Connector with Levers Green Range

Simpler, faster, safer: These are the familiar features of the 221 Series Splicing Connector. We've rethought that product and developed a variant of bio-circular and recycled plastics. This keeps existing resources in circulation and is a first step on the path to more sustainable products.


  • Plastics made in part from post-consumer recycled material (e.g., recycled PET bottles) and bio-based industrial and household waste (bio-circular)
  • Reduced consumption of fossil resources
  • Same quality and certifications as the familiar 221 Series Splicing Connector

PUSH WIRE® Inline Splicing Connector

Repair broken cables or extend lines easily? The 2773 Series PUSH WIRE® Inline Splicing Connector helps you achieve this. It can connect conductors from 0.75 to 4 mm² in very tight spaces – no tools necessary. Simply strip the conductor and push it into the unit without tools – the clamping point is quickly and securely connected.


The Everyday Digital Helper for Electrical Professionals

The WAGO Building Ecosystem

WAGO is expanding its modular building automation system, consisting of engineering software, application solutions and automation hardware, to include a full-scale management and control unit and integrating it into the new WAGO Building Ecosystem. Above all, building operators benefit from the new building management, energy management and environmental reporting functions.


Electrical Interconnections

Control Cabinet Engineering with WAGO and WSCAD

Plan your control cabinet with WAGO and WSCAD! Your strong control cabinet manufacturing partners support you with first-class, coordinated tools, data and interfaces. This allows you to work without interruption and concentrate on the essentials.

Screwdriver with VDE Certification

  • Screwdriver with VDE certification: tested up to 1000 V per IEC 60900
  • With practical slip protection
  • Rubberized two-component handle for safe, ergonomic handling

The VDE screwdrivers are available in the following variants:

  • Slotted
  • Cross-slot (PH and PZ)
  • Torx®
  • Combination slotted and cross-slot (PH and PZ)

Available March 2024


Pluggable Connectors for I/O Systems

WAGO’s 756 Series M8 and M12 pluggable connectors are available in a variety of pre-assembled cable lengths ranging from 0.3 to 20 meters. With them, a suitable pluggable connector is available for sensor/actuator wiring for every I/O system.

Tool-free device connection for high voltages

MCS MIDI HV PCB Connectors, 7.5 mm pin spacing, UL-approved, for up to 600 V

Wire-to-Wire Connections with the MCS MAXI 16 Connector Now Available in a 1-Pole Variant

The MCS MAXI 16 Pluggable PCB Connector (832 Series) is now available in a wire-to-wire variant for single-pole applications.

Dual 16-Pole Header for Broader Signal Processing

A compact double-deck male header is available for the MCS MINI Connector with levers.

The new version of a 32-pole double-deck male header for the MCS MINI with levers allows I/O signals to be integrated into device fronts in a compact design.

Greater Safety and Flexibility on the PCB

A variety of new accessories join the MCS MINI PCB Connectors with levers.

WAGO Smart Designer Configurator: Greater Configuration Convenience

The WAGO Smart Designer configurator has released new features to improve usability and increase process efficiency. These improvements include introducing color selection, expanding price calculation for WAGO’s miniature rail-mount terminal blocks, shifting selection of accessories to the sidebar and adding new functions for project management.


Compact Design Saves Space

The new triple-deck terminal blocks complete the range of WAGO TOPJOB® S rail-mount terminal blocks with push-buttons, adding smaller options with nominal cross-sections from 1 mm² to max. 1.5 mm². They are available with or without push-buttons and offer a slim, compact design. Instead of horizontal construction, a vertical design is used to save space.


Our Product Finder for Marking Media

Marking ensures safety and allows identification – making it essential in control cabinets. Our product finder for marking media helps you find the material you want for your control cabinet marking quickly and easily. You specify your parameters in a brief questionnaire, and it automatically provides a corresponding proposal.

Attach detectors and sensors quickly and stably to mineral fiber boards

The WINSTA® connector system from WAGO is primarily used in buildings with suspended ceilings or hollow walls. In order to not only mount detectors and sensors in a particularly stable manner, but also to quickly and efficiently integrate them into the system, WAGO now offers a suitable mounting plate. This is already equipped at the factory with a suitable interface for 2-pole WINSTA® MIDI Series connectors. The plugs and sockets can thus be easily attached via snap-in frames. The large-area hole contour of the mounting plate allows easy mounting of the base plate of the device. At the same time, the mounting plate increases strength and stability.

Gelbox Protects Connectors from Moisture

The WAGO Gelbox is a small, compact box filled with silicone-free gel. The Gelbox is available in nine sizes and provides IPX8 moisture protection for WAGO’s 2273 Series PUSH WIRE® Connectors for Junction Boxes, as well as WAGO’s 221 Series Splicing Connectors and Inline Splicing Connectors with levers.


WAGO Creators

The digital think tank for WAGO accessories: a collaborative platform; a community for tinkerers, professional developers and WAGO fans

Interface Electronics


Configuration, Control and Monitoring for a Large Number of Channels

WAGO Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs), Now with Communication Interface


ATEX and IECEx Approval for the WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply  

An Intelligent Power Supply for Use in Hazardous Locations


Product expansion of the WAGO Pro 2 Redundancy Power Supply

Additional Family Members Available with Integrated MOSFET Functionality


1-Channel Electronic Circuit Breakers

Our single-channel ECBs give users maximum flexibility, both in the number of required channels and in the selection of individual functional properties of the ECB.

Eight different single-channel ECBs are available for selection. The channel width of just 6 mm also minimizes the space required.

MM-427654_new_website_page_1-CH_ECB_klemme_2000x1125 (1).jpg


WAGO Power Supplies Eco 2 Available in 1- and 3-Phase Versions

WAGO’s Eco 2 family of power supplies is the ideal solution for applications where robust, economical, high-performance power supplies are required but basic functionality suffices. With up to 95% efficiency, this series is among the most efficient on the market.


New Modbus TCP Module for Direct ETHERNET Connection

The new Modbus TCP module allows direct connection of our MID energy meters without additional wiring effort, providing the perfect extension to the standard Modbus RTU interface.

MM-306824_por_0879-9000_000_pef2_xx_2000x1125 (1).jpg


Product Expansion of the WAGO Pro 2 Redundancy Power Supply

To guarantee maximum system availability, power must be available for the corresponding system parts under all circumstances. Our WAGO Pro 2 Power Supplies with integrated MOSFET functionality let you set up redundant power supply systems, which can also be monitored continuously via communication modules. Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, IO-Link and EtherNet/IPTM are available as protocols for communication with higher-level control systems.


Slimmest Multi-Channel Module on the Market for Higher Density Wiring

WAGO's new ECBs for 24 VDC, with 4 and 8 channels, are used in all industries with sensors and actuators and other electrical loads in the 24 VDC range. These include the process and manufacturing industries, automobile production and power engineering. With a width of 32 mm, the compact multi-channel modules are the narrowest ECBs available on the market.

Automation Technology

The WAGO Sunblind Box

In buildings, efficient facade shading control is essential. The new WAGO Sunblind Box, 8DI/DO, helps make the commissioning of building shading systems especially easy and, in combination with control devices like the CC 100, supports decentralized curtain control. It is the first product of the WAGO Building Ecosystem to allow quick and easy parameterization via the WAGO app.

The WAGO Navigator: The Control Center for All WAGO Engineering Apps

Not only up-to-date, but also everything at a glance – with the WAGO Navigator, users can find everything important for WAGO's engineering apps in one place. Thanks to an update, the WAGO Navigator’s new appearance now features a user interface that serves as the starting point for use of all installed WAGO software programs.

Powerful and Flexible for Medium to Large Applications: PFC300

The PFC300 can be optimally equipped with 2 GB of RAM and a 64 bit processor for larger applications in machine, process and building environments.

  • Programmable with CODESYS per IEC 61131-1 on a Linux® operating system
  • Comprehensive security functionalities
  • Two process cores: DUAL core
  • USB-C service interface

Available: Q3/2024

Experience Open Engineering with ctrlX OS

Flexibility and openness are the most important drivers in automation: WAGO therefore relies on strong partnerships – because developing qualified solutions in Industry 4.0 can only succeed together.


WAGO Edge Controller 400

The demands on modern automation systems are steadily increasing: More and more computing power is needed directly in the field for optimal data use. WAGO offers solutions with the Edge Controller 400, which is tailored to the Linux®-based, real-time-capable ctrlX OS technology. The devices require little space, can be easily integrated into existing systems and process applications directly on the machine. Using ctrlX app technology, the Edge Controller 400 can be flexibly adapted to the specific task.

Your Benefits:

  • Control and data processing in one device
  • With ctrlX OS – the Linux®-based operating system
  • IoT-ready thanks to MQTT and OPC UA
  • Comprehensive CtrlX app offering

Future-Proof CODESYS V3 Programming with the WAGO Basic Controller 100

WAGO’s Basic Controller 100 makes engineering with CODESYS V3 possible. This enables 750 Series Compact Controllers, which are primarily designed for small-to-medium-sized automation applications, to work with the latest version of the IEC 61131-3 development tool.

An Integrated Approach to Project Engineering

With engineering software tailored to building automation, you can create solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of your building with an efficient, integrated approach. You have the option of setting up all your projects on a Web interface.



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Even More Highlights

Discover more new innovative products from WAGO.

WAGO TOPJOB® S Double-Deck Terminal Blocks for Easy Vertical Conductor Entry

WAGO’s TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks have a long-standing reputation for ensuring safe,maintenance-free system operation in a wide variety of industrial applications and building installations.

Electrical Interconnections

For Economical Power: the Eco Power Supply

With the new Eco Power Supplies (item numbers 787-2742 and 787-2744), WAGO offers a series of economical power supplies for standard 24 VDC applications for DIN-rail mounting.

Interface Electronics

A Holistic Approach: from the Field Level to the Cloud

Everything from a single source: In addition to the PFC100 and PFC200 IoT Controllers, WAGO is expanding its digital performance portfolio with the new WAGO Cloud.

Automation Technology

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