Item no. 2759-2110/261-1000

Application flexROOM; Single License; Online activation

Item no. 2759-2110/261-1000
Application flexROOM
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WAGO flexROOM® is our scalable room automation solution. It is ideal for both medium-sized and large office and administration buildings – whether in new buildings or for energy-related modernization. All the relevant room functions of the building systems for lighting, sun protection and room climate control are covered. This makes flexROOM® the basis for achieving energy efficiency class A per EN 15232 and supports the certification of your building as a sustainable green building (e.g., per national and international systems like DGNB or LEED) – without any programming. It offers a Web-based graphical user interface for integrating and configuring lights, sunblinds, actuators, sensors and room control units. The concept is based on segments as the smallest integral functional unit in the room, allowing a flexible association of office space with rooms or open-space areas throughout the entire lifecycle of the building.

The WAGO flexROOM® solution consists of a web-based application software and a modular I/O system. In addition to simple commissioning, the system distribution box design paired with the WAGO WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System guarantees fast and safe installation.

Compatible Controller:
Controller PFC200; 2nd Generation; Item No.: 750-8212