Item no. 2759-241/261-1000

Application Weather Station; Single License; Online activation

Item no. 2759-241/261-1000
Application Weather Station
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The WAGO Weather Station makes data from the connected weather sensors (e.g., temperature, precipitation, wind speed and light intensity) available on a network for further processing and display in a visualization or a management system.
It also provides central functions such as weather protection and automated glare protection.

Weather protection prevents damage to exterior sun protection fixtures (e.g., blinds, awnings, curtains) due to wind, rain or ice formation. Dynamic wind monitoring is available as an option, which selectively ensures and improves protection against wind damage according to an existing object-specific wind analysis.
The glare protection automation based on the position of the sun (slat tracking) simultaneously ensures that the maximum amount of daylight is allowed into the rooms and also avoids glare. For this purpose, the WAGO Weather Station calculates the exact position of the sun, records its intensity with the help of connected light intensity sensors and cyclically adjusts the position of the blinds. Additional optimization of the daylight supply is provided by the optional shading correction. It takes the shading caused by surrounding buildings and vegetation into account according to an existing shading analysis for the specific property.

The WAGO Weather Station solution consists of a web-based application software and a modular I/O system. In addition to simple commissioning, the system distribution box design paired with the WAGO WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System guarantees fast and safe installation.

Compatible Controller:
Controller PFC200; 2nd Generation; Item No.: 750-8212