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WAGO Creators

Digital Think Tank for WAGO Accessories

A Collaborative Platform – a Community for Tinkerers, Professional Developers and WAGO Fans

For any problem, there’s a solution out there somewhere. You just have to track it down ... or perhaps invent one yourself? WAGO Creators was developed specifically for creating custom accessory solutions for WAGO products: a community that provides a mixture of inspiration, think-tank-style research and idea generation in the form of a digital platform – created by and for tinkerers, professional developers and WAGO fans. When designing WAGO products for special applications, designers now have a place to get inspired, develop ideas and share concepts; they can also download models for their own 3D printers or order them directly as prototypes.

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The WAGO Dispenser – the First Design from WAGO

The WAGO Dispenser, a practical storage solution for WAGO 221 Series Splicing Connectors with levers, is WAGO’s own design – the first one shared on WAGO Creators. It is available for free download. We look forward to comments, likes and makes.

Many such ideas, specifically for WAGO products, exist and deserve to be bundled, shared with others, discussed, perhaps improved and implemented.

Ann-Christin Rachuba

VP of IC Building Business Unit

Implementing Your Own Ideas with WAGO Creators

If you have the spark of an idea for a solution, 3D printing in particular offers state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to create your own prototypes for suitable accessories relatively easily, quickly and professionally. “And in our experience, many such ideas, specifically for WAGO products, exist and deserve to be bundled, shared with others, discussed, perhaps improved and implemented,” says Ann-Christin Rachuba, VP of the IC Building Business Unit.

It’s easy to become a WAGO Creator yourself. All you need to register is an email address. To share ideas with the community, you can simply upload your design model. Your prototype designs, as well as and others shared on the platform, can then be printed on a 3D printer or ordered from the 3D printing service provider connected to it.

WAGO Creators, the 3D printing platform and think tank, is constantly evolving. As the community grows, there are always new functions. Users can now upload photos of accessory solutions they have printed themselves as “Makes” in the comments area. These “Makes” provide users with feedback to show that their design idea is working or identify potential improvements. If WAGO particularly likes an accessory solution, it is marked with a small green label to highlight the design idea. It is also possible to upload additional file formats to make further processing of accessory solutions easier. In addition to files, upload is also supported for the .3mf, .FCStd, .obj and .stp formats. These file formats simplify further development of existing accessory solutions.

The Benefits for You:

  • “Makes” provide feedback for creators

  • Labels for special accessory solutions

  • More file formats – more opportunities to further develop ideas

  • Upload multiple files and photos to a design idea

  • Track reactions to your own accessory solutions

  • New profile page with design gallery

Discover the Features of WAGO Creators


Upload photos of printed accessory solutions in the comments column and show users how their ideas are being put to use.

File Formats

Share designs in the form of STL files or .3mf, .FCStd, .obj or .stp format so other users can easily develop them further.


Get likes, comments and makes from the community and email notifications for all these.


A green label indicates that an accessory solution can be seen on social media or is on display at a trade show.

Profile Page

The design gallery on users’ profile pages shows all the designs they have uploaded.


With WAGO Creators, we provide a home for anyone with creative ideas about accessory solutions for WAGO products. Our community has proven again and again that there are many great ideas out there just waiting to be shared.

Manuela Sievers

Product Manager for WAGO Creators

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