WAGO IoT Partners

The WAGO IoT partner network combines different capabilities into one ecosystem and jointly creates end-to-end customer solutions.

Our WAGO IoT Partners complement our WAGO Cloud, cloud connectivity, IoT gateways and controllers. This compatibility enables us to always provide a solution that meets your project's requirements.

At a Glance

  • Service: Custom (cloud and IoT device) applications
  • Value: Complementing new or existing applications with maximum added value solutions
  • Infrastructure: Supplementing proven IT infrastructure for interfacing with OT/control technology
  • Platform: Connecting your IoT platform with OT/control technology
  • Multiplier: Consulting and starting the customer journey

IoT Partner Network

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Unquestionably an issue of top concern: Is communication secure? Are the data trustworthy and valid? How can attacks be detected?

WAGO IoT Partners Offer Advice and Solutions:


OT/IT Integration

One of the toughest challenges is making an effective transition between OT and IT. In addition to the optimal suitability of WAGO products, you can also rely on the support of experts:



Our philosophy is an open platform. With expertise in key topics (Docker®, MQTT, Connectivity) we offer the most flexible and up-to-date implementation potential for your projects:


Shop floor/digital plant

Diverse and custom networking and evaluation in production. Our IoT partners are experts at connecting, displaying and evaluating a wide variety of systems (scanners, printers, MES, ERP, etc.):


LoraWan now offers solutions across all building systems and industries. But how do I set up the infrastructure? WAGO IoT Partners Help:


Low Code & No Code

These partners are distinguished by a programming environment with graphical modeling elements that makes it possible to achieve an optimized development and deployment time without any programming language knowledge. This saves costs both during project implementation and during employee training:

Our IoT Partners

Our IoT Partners

Joint Solutions: Our IoT Partners on the WAGO Stage



All-in-One Solution - IoT Partners Bundle Digitization Competence

Three's a charm – this also holds true when it comes to digitizing discrete production for SMEs in the manufacturing sector. That’s why the three of us have joined forces to offer our customers an integrated solution from a single source.

With WAGO edge devices, we provide powerful hardware for production. With its Manufacturing Integration Platform – MIP for short – MPDV Mikrolab GmbH provides an open integration platform to bring the edge computer to life and equip it for production operations. Thus the hardware and software work together – but how does this tailored solution fit into your production environment? That’s where our IoT partner MEGLA comes in, providing the interfaces between the MIP and the existing machines to integrate the overall system, made up of the WAGO edge device and the MPDV MIP, into production operations. What this means in detail is that, while the data from the machines is fed into the MIP software, the customer’s existing software systems (e.g. ERP, staff time tracking etc.) are also integrated at the same time. As a result, there are no longer any data islands; instead, all systems (the existing machines and software systems) are integrated into a holistic solution based on the WAGO hardware and MIP software by MEGLA. This all-in-one solution collects, transmits, stores and refines data across all systems to improve processes and increase productivity.

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