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Tips and Pointers for Successful Projects

The digital transformation comes with many challenges. Our White Papers provide you with information about current topics of interest, issues and standards. At the same time, they are a source of tips and insights on how to safely, securely and efficiently master your day-to-day routine.

WAGOdirect Building: Creating Future-Proof Buildings

Today’s building technology offers significant potential. It can increase the comfort and efficiency of buildings and help them conserve energy. At the same time, the demands that buildings will have to meet in the future are also increasing. In this edition of WAGOdirect Building, find out what those requirements look like and how you can make your construction projects future-proof now to prepare for the requirements of tomorrow.

WAGOdirect Special: The Control Cabinet of the Future

Our control cabinet components support you in preparing for the future – today. In our second special edition of WAGOdirect Special, “Control Cabinet Manufacturing,” you’ll learn about all the important issues shaping the control cabinet of the future!

Cybersecurity for Production Facilities

This white paper intended for small and medium-sized enterprises that are looking for a simple procedural model for ensuring cybersecurity in production areas.


5 Tips for Getting Started with Digitization

Our “5 Tips for Getting Starting with Digitalization” white paper explains what the perfect cloud solution looks like and which digital technologies and solutions will also be important for companies in manufacturing.


Smart Building – Intelligent Networking in Buildings

In our white paper “Smart Building – Intelligent Networking in Buildings,” you’ll learn what distinguishes smart buildings and what technologies and methods they require.

Smart Building

Renovation and Modernization

Every renovation offers you the opportunity to improve your building. Here you will learn what you can achieve in terms of energy efficiency and user comfort!

Renovation and Modernization
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Mit WAGO zum Smart Building

Die Digitalisierung und Vernetzung bringt Chancen, aber auch Herausforderungen mit sich. Ein intelligentes Gebäude muss Nutzern und Betreibern ein optimales Umfeld bieten und sich ihren Bedürfnissen jederzeit flexibel anpassen. WAGO hat hierfür die optimalen Produkte und Lösungen.


Das ist die digitale Zukunft

Für jedes Unternehmen bieten Digitalisierung und Vernetzung große Chancen. Um sie zu nutzen muss jedes Unternehmen seine Hausaufgaben machen. Denn die Herausforderungen sind ebenso vielfältig und unterschiedlich wie es die Unternehmen selbst sind.