Our Approach

As a family-owned company, we are committed to values like reliability, vitality, solution-orientation, empathy and sustainability.

A corporate culture has developed from these shared values that characterizes our interactions and collaborations. This enables us to fully develop our potential – for the benefit of our employees and partners – for the company, our environment and society.

Values and Culture

  • We are a responsible family-owned business.
  • Our corporate culture enables us to develop our potential.
  • We are partners for our employees, customers and suppliers.
  • We stand for high levels of engineering excellence, vitality and innovative custom solutions.

What Characterizes Us

Achieve More Together

We rely on collaborative cooperation. We and our employees have embraced this spirit of cooperation, which in turn shapes our interaction with customers and partners. We stand by our word and always communicate frankly and honestly. Our company enjoys strong internal coherence, because we put our employees first. We value a diversity of skills and strive constructively for the best solution. To achieve this, we focus on the challenges of the market and our customers. Only by knowing and understanding obstacles can we successfully overcome them – together.

The WAGO Way

Our high level of engineering expertise guarantees our partners that an expert will always be at their side. With our passion and inspiration, we develop surprisingly simple solutions that help save money and time. At the same time, we always ensure the highest quality, so our products are characterized by reliability and long service lives. Using new technologies, we optimize our own production processes to continue bringing refinements and innovations to the market – the best connection between proven technologies and new developments.

For Today and Tomorrow

Our success is based on dynamism and the ability to develop innovative custom solutions. That’s why we begin to tackle the challenges of tomorrow early on. We act quickly, flexibly and creatively to satisfy our customers wishes and adapt to changing market conditions. We stand for sustainable, conscientious action.

Inspiration for You

Our Mission Statement

Our Responsibility

We implement sustainability at all levels and are conscious of our responsibility to our employees, our partners, the environment and society.


Our Motivation

As professionals in electrical interconnection and automation technology, we are aware of our responsibility to guarantee reliable a data and power supply, both now and in the future. You can count on us – every day of the week!


WAGO as a Company

Quality and Responsibility

Quality Standards

Our Terminal Blocks Never Let Go

Our maintenance-free terminal blocks provide the highest degree of quality, because our standards go above and beyond the official requirements – and this doesn’t just apply to our products.

Quality Standards
Executive Team

Executive Team

Making decisions, setting an example and identifying the path to a successful future – our managers bear responsibility wholeheartedly.


Commitment to Our Employees

People are the focus at WAGO. Our numerous awards for employment practices confirm this. We offer various entry and career options.


Securing and Shaping the Future

There's no getting around digitization. It is even more important to advance digitization in a customized way and at your own pace. WAGO can help you with expertise, tools and solutions, as well as a great deal of dedication.