Direct Connection of Electrical Drives – With the SMI Master

Less is more: WAGO's new “Standard Motor Interface” Master Module (753-1630) comes without a level inverter. Now connect electrical drives for blinds and shutters to the module directly. WAGO is also offering its new SMI Configurator software, which features a familiar ribbon design and is rich in helpful functions that simplify module configuration.

Your benefits:

  • Connect SMI drives directly to the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750
  • Save space and costs
  • SMI Configurator software makes addressing, configuring and commissioning SMI drives easier
  • A digital input for manual control of SMI drives (e.g., maintenance, window cleaning) independent of the PLC program
  • A digital output temporarily deactivates the drives when they are not needed
  • Data transfer to all management and operating levels using fieldbus-independent building automation protocols, such as BACnet or KNX

Building automation is growing steadily amid the backdrop of energy efficiency, which makes the Standard Motor Interface (SMI) ideal for room automation. The SMI sub-bus system specializes in the control and the precise positioning of sunblind drives.

Smaller dimensions than comparable SMI master modules, paired with advanced technology: The SMI Master (753-1630) meets all stringent requirements for the use of shades in building or industrial environments. In addition to wiring overhead, additional costs can be reduced by eliminating standard serial interface modules, including SMI level inverters, allowing SMI drives to be directly connected to the module. Furthermore, the module has an integrated power supply, making an external power supply unnecessary.

User-Friendly and Cost-Effective: WAGO's SMI Master

In addition to economically connecting shutter and sun protection drives, WAGO's 753-1630 SMI Master Module sets itself apart with its user- friendliness. Numerous libraries of pre-built functions and function blocks for bidirectional transmission of SMI commands and information ensure quick startup of controller functions. WAGO's new SMI Configurator software is also available, allowing SMI networks to be designed and commissioned much easier. The software is used to quickly address the SMI drives and to expedite both the import and export of all configured drives.

Extremely Versatile: Using SMI in Building Automation

Combining products from different manufacturers is not the only advantage of SMI. The ability to implement applications that cannot be solved using conventional drives maximizes flexibility for both shutter/sunblind and control manufacturers, as well as planners. Depending on the application, up to 16 drives can be controlled in parallel using WAGO's SMI master module. Other functions such as the precise approach of intermediate positions, querying current motor positions or continuous adaptation of drive behavior are possible with SMI. In conjunction with the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM, the SMI master module not only minimizes energy costs by controlling blinds and shutters based on the sun position but also increases the well-being of employees by keeping workspaces glare-free.

Power Supply and Data Transmission: How Does the SMI Master Work?

Like DALI, SMI uses a 5-wire cable to connect the controllers to the drives, providing both power supply and data transfer. This cable can have a length of up to 350 m at a data rate of up to 2400 bps. Two free wires are used as a bus cable to connect the SMI master module and up to 16 drives. The 750-1630 SMI Master Module controls 230 VAC SMI motors, and the 753-1631 model can be used with low voltage shade drives (24 V). The SMI master module offers users numerous helpful functions: the “auto-replace” function, for example, allows building operators to replace a defective motor without modifying the control program. In offline mode, module settings, configurations and addressing can be adjusted without connecting to the controller. And in “Easy” mode, curtain control is possible without cumbersome PLC programming.

Expected Availability: 2nd Quarter of 2017

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