Customer Applications: Building Technology

Would you like to see what our solutions look like in practice? Here you’ll find a selection of highlights illustrating customer applications of our technology in room installation and automation, lighting management, HVAC technology and energy management.

From conventional renovations to smart buildings: Discover exciting building projects and learn how our customers have made their buildings more efficient, comfortable and future-proof with WAGO solutions.

Customer Application Highlights

Building Technology in Practice

Berlin, KARL STORZ Endoscopes

An old historical building undergoes renovation and future-proofing: The former Kaiserin Augusta Hospital now boasts efficient, intelligent building automation.

  • The focus: Building automation
  • The objective: Implementation of an integrated renovation approach with intelligent control technology for a high level of user comfort and greater energy efficiency
  • The challenge: A number of restrictions relating to energy consumption had to be considered
MM-19881 Wintergarten_2000x1125 .jpg

Wertheim, Autech Tesla

For pure swimming enjoyment: In the sauna and swimming pool environments equipped by Autech Tesla with ICE technology, water treatment, heating, ventilation and sauna heaters need to work reliably year-round.

  • The focus: HVAC, automation
  • The objective: Detailed automation of the instrument and control technology, linked to higher-level building control systems
  • The highlight: Intelligent automation of the equipment achieves up to 20 percent electricity savings
MM-19919 Reference report Kaifu-Lodge Autech Tesla_1_2000x1125.jpg

Wiesloch, LAE Engineering

A state-of-the-art work environment and a model for its own customers: With its new corporate headquarters, the engineering services company LAE shows what contemporary building automation can achieve.

  • The focus: Lighting and room automation, HVAC
  • The objective: To install powerful building automation that would be comfortable and reliable, and also serve as a model for the business areas
  • The highlight: Thanks to EnOcean® wireless technology, flexible repurposing is possible for all the rooms

MM-19883 new website page reference report LAE Neubau Gebäude 2019_2000x1125.jpg

Rheinfelden (CH), SwissShrimp

To raise shrimp in the proper conditions, this Swiss company uses intelligent lighting control to simulate the light conditions of the Gulf of Mexico.

  • The focus: Lighting automation
  • The objective: To simulate shrimp’s natural habitat with an intelligent lighting concept
  • The highlight: The controller is easy to operate and can be accessed from any location at any time

Flensburg, Duborg-Skolen

In this extensive school modernization project, old school walls meet a modern lighting concept.

  • The focus: Building and lighting automation
  • The objective: To implement a contemporary lighting concept for classrooms, common areas and administrative offices
  • The highlight: Natural daylight was simulated with intelligent lighting control

Osnabrück, L&T Sports Center

The perfect lighting at all times: The indoor surf pool and the latest athletic fashions are highlights of the L&T fashion boutique and sports center

  • The focus: Lighting installation and automation
  • The objective: To provide a variety of alternating scenes for products and events with a flexible lighting concept
  • The highlight: Every LED light can be controlled separately through the central controller

Stuttgart, SkyPort

Modern architecture and sustainability are impressive features of this office building at the Stuttgart Airport, but its pioneering building automation also breaks new ground.

  • The focus: Room automation
  • The objective: To optimize the effective energy demand and maximize comfort using a room automation system that allows easy configuration and flexible expansion
  • The highlight: Automation of lighting, sun protection and temperature control was achieved through an integrated implementation concept that required no programming

Aurich, EEZ

The EEZ energy, education and adventure center combines different requirements on room usage and implements them in a consistent overall concept.

  • The focus: Building automation
  • The objective: To implement integrated building automation that provides sufficient flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands on the rooms
  • The highlight: Touch panels allow easy system operation and visualization

Hartenfels, HUF HAUS

For this renowned manufacturer of prefabricated timber-framed houses, speed and quality are equally essential. Time savings and flexibility are especially important in the electrical installation process in the new buildings.

  • The focus: Building installation
  • The objective: A clearly organized, sensible, safe electrical installation for the distribution boards in the prefabricated houses that allows pre-wiring in the factory
  • The highlight: Predictive electrical installation paves the way for possible smart home features in timber-framed houses
MM-3821_MLITB reference HUF Fertighaus_HUF HAUS ART_2000x1125jpg (1).jpg

Cologne, Radisson Hotel Group

Lower energy consumption, greater guest comfort: The Radisson Blu hotel was retrofitted with open building automation during ongoing operations.

  • The focus: Building automation
  • The objective: To efficiently update the building technology and improve the interplay among heating, ventilation, sunblind control and lighting
  • The highlight: All 365 rooms were renovated during ongoing operations and needed to work without a central building control system
MM-13435 Reference Story Radisson Blu_2_2000x1125.jpg

Freiburg im Breisgau, Old Town Hall

Maximum energy efficiency and comfort come together in the world’s first public positive-net-energy building.

  • The focus: Room automation, energy efficiency
  • The objective: Intelligent, efficient control of heating, air-conditioning, lighting and sun protection with room automation
  • The highlight: The system requires no programming, only parameterization

Norderney, Reederei Frisia

The newly constructed port terminal on the island of Norderney achieves the perfect interplay of complex building technology. This also benefits the 2.3 million visitors per year and the employees of the shipping line.

  • The focus: Building automation
  • The objective: To address all the technical requirements – CO2-neutral heating, modern LED lighting, ventilation of the large passenger terminals and self-regulating air-conditioning of the administrative office – together in order to achieve an automatic, harmonious, efficient whole
  • The highlight: All the access points to the island and ferry can be reliably controlled through tablets

Berlin, Cisco

An old warehouse becomes a high-tech innovation center: The modern, open lifestyle workspace encourages innovation for the “Internet of Things.”

  • The focus: Building automation
  • The objective: To upgrade legacy systems to IP technology, ensuring intuitive operation
  • The highlight: Thanks to open standards and the communication capability of the technology, the innovation center is also prepared for the challenges of the future

Oldenburg, Augusteum

Old masterpieces need a stable indoor climate, so this state museum chose automated room solutions for its comprehensive modernization project.

  • The focus: Room automation
  • The objective: To guarantee stable indoor temperature and humidity conditions with controlled ventilation and air-conditioning technology and individual room controllers
  • The challenge: Space restrictions and historical preservation rules had to be taken into account


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