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Nothing is more motivating than the success that you can look back on!

WAGO is continuously growing with nearly 7,500 brilliant minds at work for us around the world. With nine international production and distribution sites, nineteen other distribution companies and representatives in more than eighty countries, we are everywhere our customers are.

Our Balance Sheet:

  • Sales doubled over the last ten years
  • Employee numbers increased worldwide
  • A lengthy record of high investments – especially in Germany

About WAGO

The Company in Numbers


Continued Growth

Success has confirmed our journey thus far – on the global market and at home. WAGO grows without cease. In 2017, we posted sales of around 862 million euros to increase the previous year's results by over 13%. In the last ten years, we were able to nearly double our sales.


Worldwide Success

WAGO products are used around the globe. Our largest market is Europe, but Asia and USA are also important target markets for us.


Investment in the Future

To keep quality, safety and the latest technology standards at the highest level, we invest heavily. With an investment ratio of over 10% of sales over the last few years, we are sending a clear signal – especially at our locations in Germany.


A Strong Team

Engaged and motivated employees are the basis of our success. For this reason, we are consistently expanding our personnel. In the last ten years, the WAGO Family has grown by about 3,000 employees. WAGO currently employs more than 8,000 people worldwide – more than 3,500 in Germany.

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