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Plan your control cabinet together with WAGO and EPLAN! You’ll benefit from our excellent longstanding partnership. We have terrific connections – both technical and personal. From our own experience, we know what you really care about as an EPLAN user,

so you can trust WAGO products to provide top quality along with comprehensive data, tools and services for your digital engineering with EPLAN.

For the extended workbench to work, we’ve digitized all of the engineering, from project design to installation.

Steffen Winther, Market Management Engineering Services

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The new “interface” with 3D export from EPLAN Pro Panel

The new interface now allows direct data transfer from EPLAN Pro Panel, simplifying the entire process, all the way to ordering.

EPLAN Partner Network

We are part of the EPLAN Partner Network, a network of partners of various sizes from different industries and business sectors. Our goal is the same: working together to develop efficient solutions, so we can provide the best possible support for our customers’ engineering process. Through our cooperation with EPLAN, we make your entire digital engineering process quick and easy to help reduce your project planning expenses.

Engineering Data

EPLAN Data from WAGO

High-quality product data saves you time and money.

What can our data do?
We create our EPLAN macros according to the “EPLAN Data Standard.” Macros like these store a variety of information for you, depending on what this product requires.

  • Commercial data
  • Logic macro
  • 3D graphics data
  • Connection scheme
  • Function template
  • 3D graphics data
  • DXF data
  • Drilling pattern

If no macro meets your requirements, let us know with the Feedback function on the EPLAN Data Portal or the contact form on our website.

Where can you find our data?
You can choose your preferred option for accessing our product data:

  • From our product page, under Downloads/CAE Data
  • On the EPLAN Data Portal – in a browser or your EPLAN instance

On the EPLAN Data Portal, you can find over 11,000 WAGO products. Were you still unable to find what you need? Send us your query here.

CAE Interface

The WAGO EPLAN Interface

CAE Interfaces for Control Cabinet Engineering

Increasing energy efficiency in your engineering process: Our EPLAN interface makes digitizing your engineering process very simple, whether you export the terminal strips you need directly to our online configurator or just pass the existing marking data on to our WAGO Smart Printer. With WAGO, you’ll find the right solution.

As a plug-in for EPLAN Electric P8, including EPLAN Pro Panel (Version 1.4.x), the new interfaces now allow direct data transfer from EPLAN Pro Panel, simplifying the entire process, all the way to ordering.

The Benefits:

  • Consistency along the value-added chain
  • Data reuse without discontinuities in the media
  • Time and money saved

The Features of the EPLAN Interface:

  • Automatic terminal strip construction from circuit diagrams or the EPLAN installation space navigator in the WAGO Smart Designer configurator.
  • Automated terminal block marking, plausibility checks, automatic addition of missing components and ordering options in Smart Designer
  • Data reimport from Smart Designer into EPLAN for a complete parts list in the CAE tool
  • Automated terminal block marking and direct printing from EPLAN

Smart Script Marking Software

The perfect marking software for creating and printing custom marking solutions!
Together with the thermal transfer Smart Printer, the marking software forms an efficient, cost-effective solution for marking individual components such as terminal blocks, labels, type plates and conductor markers, as well as entire distribution boxes and control cabinets.

WAGO Smart Designer Configurator

The basis of any switchgear unit is customized electrical planning. WAGO consistently offers you all the data, software tools and interfaces – from electrical and mechanical planning, to ordering.

Programming and Configuring with e!COCKPIT

WAGO’s e!COCKPIT automation software expedites machine and system commissioning, while reducing development times for automation projects! Ensuring a project’s long-term viability through sustainable cost savings hinges on a user’s ability to quickly adapt to new software and on high degree of reusability.

The WAGO Interface in Detail

Solutions providers of CAE tools like EPLAN, WSCAD and ZUKEN offer various interfaces. In this video, we use the example of EPLAN and the WAGO Smart Designer online configurator to demonstrate the WAGO interface. The data export is performed directly in the engineering tool. The data from the EPLAN Pro Panel interface is output via the Smart Designer online configurator.

Time Optimization with CAE Data

Reduce project overhead with eBUILD

For a conventional control cabinet manufacturer, a typical project takes about 58 hours. On the basis of various studies, we’ve determined that this project time can be optimized to 24 hours – nearly a 60 % reduction. This is where eBUILD comes into play, to make your everyday work easier, saving valuable time. eBUILD is a cloud-based solution from EPLAN, which is available to all users in versions 2.8 and above. eBUILD provides menu-guided creation of circuit diagram pages, drawing on a pre-defined library.

  • First select the required library and specify the key technical data through drop-down menus.
  • eBUILD then automatically generates the corresponding circuit diagram page.