News 19 April, 2018
Four- and Eight-Channel ECBs

Two new electronic circuit breakers (ECBs) with IO-Link: WAGO's highly communicative four- and eight-channel EPSITRON® Modules provide maximum safety in a minimal footprint.

The EPSITRON® ECBs within the WAGO 787 Series Power Supply System specialize in reliable and precise protection of applications with 24 VDC power supplies. The latest in WAGO's extensive portfolio of ECBs, these new four- and eight-channel models feature IO-Link integration for fast, reliable communication.

Fieldbus connection via standard IO-Link clears the way for:

  • Convenient status monitoring

  • Remote parameter setting – for easy parameterization after replacement

  • Easy integration of the ECBs into higher-level control systems

Precise, Compact and Customizable

WAGO's new four- and eight-channel ECBs trip reliably according to EN 60204-1 under adverse conditions. The devices are significantly more narrow than equivalent conventional circuit breakers – a real plus for compact installations, especially those in confined control cabinets. The ability to set nominal currents individually by channel and read off individual actual current values makes custom current monitoring possible. Furthermore, the high switch-on capacity reduces the risk of false tripping due to high inrush currents. With IO-Link aboard, WAGO's new ECBs become part of the communication linkage to the control level – with all the advantages that telecontrol technology offers.

At a Glance:

  • Fieldbus communication with IO-Link for status monitoring
  • Remote parameter setting option
  • Narrow design for compact installation
  • Four- and eight-channel version for 24 VDC voltage
  • Nominal currents can be set individually by channel

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