Ground Resistance Signaling Module

With the new ground resistance signaling module, in the grounded operating mode, WAGO offers not only detection of 0 V grounding, but also fully automatic detection of resistance values below a non-adjustable, unbalanced insulation resistance between ground and +24 V or 0 V of the supply voltage.

WAGO Ground Resistance Signaling Module

In the video, Frank Sellke, WAGO Business Development Manager for INTERFACE ELECTRONICS, explains more about the underlying standards, features and advantages of the ground resistance signaling module for users.



Clear Signaling

Clear Signaling

Signaling occurs via LEDs and a potential-free contact when the value falls below a specified limit.


Operating Mode Selection

Operating Mode Selection

Switch between grounded and ungrounded operation via S1 slide switch


Convenient Connection Technology

Convenient Connection Technology

Easy connection via Push-in CAGE CLAMP® and a push-button for all conductor types


Automated Evaluation

Automated Evaluation

Check the insulation resistance between the +24 V/0 V terminals and ground in grounded control circuits (every 10 seconds) and ungrounded control circuits (every second)

The Evolution of the Ground Resistance Signaling Module

Single Wire

  • Immediate fuse tripping in the event of a ground fault
  • Immediate system shutdown
  • No pre-warning

Ground Conductor Disconnect Terminal Block – Manual Insulation Resistance Test

  • Immediate fuse tripping in the event of a ground fault
  • Immediate system shutdown
  • Detection of potential ground faults through routine manual maintenance

Ground Resistance Signaling Module – Automatic Insulation Resistance Testing

The ground resistance signaling module offers the industry’s best cost–benefit ratio and is easy to use. Replacement of the previous ground conductor disconnect terminal block is straightforward. Only two additional wires have to be connected to the PLC to make the potential-free contact ready for evaluation.


Advantages of the Ground Resistance Signaling Module over the Mechanical Ground Conductor Disconnect Terminal Block – in Practice

  • Manual testing for emerging ground faults replaced by fully automated monitoring
  • Reduction of the inspection interval from approx. 3 months to 10 seconds
  • Immediate further signaling by potential-free contact for signaling to PLC

Example Applications

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