WAGO I/O System 750/753 Item no. 750-1491

2-channel analog input; Resistor bridges (strain gauge)

Item no. 750-1491
2-channel analog input
This analog input module directly connects to two resistor bridges.
The bridge voltage UD and supply voltage Uref of the respective bridge are digitized with a resolution of 16 bits.

The two input channels for the respective resistor bridge are available as two 16-bit values for additional processing.
The bridge detuning can be determined from the quotients of the two measurement values Ud and Uref.
Functional galvanic isolation is provided between both channels.
The internal supply voltage is derived from the system supply.
The supply of a separate 24 V field voltage is not necessary. The voltage supplied via the power jumper contacts is looped through to downstream I/O modules.
The shield connects to the DIN-rail.
The module is parameterized via GSD file, e!COCKPIT or WAGO-I/O-CHECK.
Item no. 750-1491
2-channel analog input