Open Automation Solutions for the Factory of the Future

The goal of the digital plant is to be able to provide and analyze data from production, so operators in the mechanical engineering, automotive and process industries can base their decisions on facts and key performance indicators. Whether in manufacturing, food production or laboratory technology: WAGO helps them:

  • Maintain high levels of system availability and productivity
  • Produce in a way that conserves resources, thus achieving efficiency
  • React flexibly to market changes and customers’ needs and
  • Give their systems the best possible protection against intrusion despite open automation.

Digital Plant Gateway

You can only optimize what you measure – that is the motto behind the design of WAGO’s “Digital Plant Gateway” for infrastructure automation.

Energy Management

Power, heat, gas or water: all of these resources have to be measured constantly, and their distribution and consumption must be monitored. On the basis of DIN EN 50001, WAGO assesses the energy efficiency of various media flows in production companies and provides transparency about consumption behaviors and costs in order to uncover potential savings.


Module Type Package

Modular system engineering is one key to increased production flexibility. An overall system consists of multiple independent system modules, each of which represents one or more standardized production steps, allowing efficient system operation.


Open Automation

Experience the possibilities offered by our open automation platforms. Whether you need support with networking, analytics, productivity enhancement or new business models, we offer you customized, adaptable solutions, working with you to take advantage of digitization.

Insights into the Factory of the Future


Videos: 2 | Duration: 01:06:27


Videos: 2 | Duration: 01:06:27

Process Technology for Fighting the Pandemic

“As a result of this collaboration, the WAGO controller allowed us to directly communicate with the camera electronics. Since the software for our camera runs on the WAGO node, we don’t need a translator, no contacts need to transferred, and no wiring is necessary. The gateway speaks the same language as our camera.

WAGO is really the only company that can do that.”

Thomas Striegel, CEO TTS Automation

Explosion protection

Explosion protection is one of the legally required safety domains which for system engineers and planners are responsible. In addition to protecting people from injury, ensuring fault-free production processes and environmental protection are also important responsibilities in their own right.


Cybersecurity – Because Digitization Is Only Intelligent if It Is Secure

Digitization makes your machine, system and building data available from anywhere in the world. To ensure the integrity of your information in the event of Web attacks and during data transfer, it is necessary to protect it.

Process 4.0 – Into the Digital Future

Through numerous innovative approaches and technologies, the digital transformation of the economy is opening up new ways to improve processes. The consensus is that machines need to communicate with each other in order to function with maximum efficiency.


That Is the Digital Future

Digitization and networking offer great opportunities for every company. To get the most out of them, every company has to do its homework.