{ "@context" : "http://schema.org/", "@type" : "Product", "name" : "Controller PFC200; 2nd Generation; 2 x ETHERNET, RS-232/-485", "description" : "<p>The PFC200 Controller is a compact PLC for the modular WAGO I/O System. Besides network and fieldbus interfaces, the controller supports all digital, analog and specialty modules found within the 750/753 Series.</p><p>Two ETHERNET interfaces and an integrated switch enable line topology wiring.</p><p>An integrated Webserver provides user configuration options, while displaying PFC200 status information.</p><p>Besides the processing industry and building automation, typical applications for the PFC200 include standard machinery and equipment control (e.g., packaging, bottling and manufacturing systems, as well as textile, metal and wood processing machines).</p><p>Programming per IEC 61131-3</p><ul><li>Programmable with CODESYS V3.5 from Firmware Release 23, WAGO-I/O-PRO V2.3 or <b><i>e!</i></b><i>COCKPIT</i> up to Firmware Release 22</li><li>Direct connection of WAGO's I/O modules</li><li>2 x ETHERNET (configurable), RS-232/-485</li><li>Linux operating system with RT‐Preempt patch</li><li>Configuration via CODESYS, <b><i>e!</i></b><i>COCKPIT</i> or Web-Based Management user interface</li><li>Maintenance-free</li></ul>", "mpn" : "750-8212", "sku" : "750-8212", "brand" : { "@type":"Brand", "name":"WAGO" }, "manufacturer" : { "@type":"Organization", "name":"WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG" }, "image" : "https://www.wago.com/medias/200-0200002700033201000100b6-DE.jpg?context=bWFzdGVyfGltYWdlc3wyNTkyfGltYWdlL2pwZWd8YURNeEwyaGxPQzh4TWpnM056YzVNVFk1TURjNE1pOHlNREJmTURJd01EQXdNamN3TURBek16SXdNVEF3TURFd01HSTJYMFJGTG1wd1p3fDc1NmNiNzU2MDZjY2I5YTdjMDM5ODA5MzM2OGI4NWE3MjJiZGQ0YzZlNzlhOTgwY2IxYjY5YzkxMzliZWYwNjQ", "gtin13" : "4055143758789", "category" : "Controller", "url" : "https://www.wago.com/in/plcs-controllers/controller-pfc200/p/750-8212" }
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