WINSTA® MIDI Item no. 770-113

Plug; with strain relief housing; 3-pole; 4,00 mm²; black

Item no. 770-113

Male connector/plug WINSTA® MIDI with protection type IP20

For signal and power transmission: The WINSTA® MIDI male connector/plug with protection type IP20. The pluggable installation connectors with spring pressure connection technology function without screw connections. They allow fast, efficient, error-free installation in numerous possible uses. The coding options reduce installation errors, allowing fast, secure wiring of all components. The pluggable installation connector offers touch-proof protection with live components in accordance with protection type IP20 (When mated and secured with a strain relief housing: IP2xC (These compact connectors are not designed for use in open, easily accessible areas!)). General mains applications for almost any domain of use can be realised with WINSTA® MIDI pluggable installation connectors with A coding. This pluggable installation connector is designed for a current load of up to 25 A. As a result, it can also be used for high power loads. WINSTA® MIDI with Push-in CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology is found in can be found in a variety of projects you can use for quick, easy, flexible, and secure installation. The strip length is 55 mm.

Lower costs through fast commissioning and elimination of service expenses – solutions from WINSTA® MIDI

The WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System is ideally tailored to the very strict requirements of building installation. It makes electrical installation pluggable, and consequently faster, more reliable, and error-free. Use of this pre-assembled system reduces time spent on assembly and errors during installation at the construction site. Enjoy the benefits of the pluggable version of our maintenance-free spring pressure connection technology too! Plan your installation with WINSTA® MIDI pluggable installation connectors with protection against mismating from WAGO.

  • effective protection against mismating
  • pre-assembled versions
  • suitable for any application
  • custom-engineered solutions
  • quick replacement of defective units during ongoing operation
Item no. 770-113