WINSTA® MIDI Item no. 770-103

Socket; with strain relief housing; 3-pole; Cod. A; 4,00 mm²; black

Item no. 770-103

Female connector/socket WINSTA® MIDI rated current 25 A

The WINSTA® MIDI female connector/socket with protection against mismating is the pluggable solution for your use in control cabinets, for lighting connections or on PCBs. Whether on PCBs, in control cabinets or for connecting lights – pluggable installation connectors from WAGO allow you to establish connections according to a huge variety of requirements in next to no time. The color coding and mechanical coding of the pluggable installation connector ensure error-free installation of the individual components – including protection against mismating. The WINSTA® MIDI pluggable installation connector with A coding in white or black is usually used for general mains applications in power distribution. Important parameters in the selection of a pluggable installation connector are the rated current and voltage: They tell us about the product's domains of use. This product has a current rating of 25 A – as a result it is also suitable for robust loads. The WINSTA® MIDI Pluggable Connection System with Push-in CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology facilitates safe electrification. Due to the integrated test slot, it is possible to check connections even when they are plugged in. This saves time, labor, and money. The strip length is 55 mm.

Lower costs through fast commissioning and elimination of service expenses – solutions from WINSTA® MIDI

WINSTA® is the pluggable connection system that is perfectly tailored to the strict requirements of electrical installation. It offers error-free installation of cables and components, quickly and reliably. Take advantage of the pluggable version of our maintenance-free spring pressure connection technology too! Plan your installation with WINSTA® MIDI pluggable installation connectors with strain relief hosting from WAGO.

  • protection against mismating eliminates errors
  • for automation controllers
  • with A coding for a great number of applications
  • flexible installation to save space
  • quick replacement of defective units during ongoing operation
Item no. 770-103