WINSTA® MIDI Item no. 770-103

Socket; with strain relief housing; 3-pole; Cod. A; 4,00 mm²; black

Item no. 770-103

Female connector/socket WINSTA® MIDI with strain relief

The WINSTA® MIDI female connector/socket rated current 25 A provides the foundation for assembly of fine-stranded and solid conductors. WAGO pluggable installation connectors are useful when criteria repeat or are planned on a defined pattern, for example for installing grid lighting or flush-mount lighting. The mechanical coding and color coding of the pluggable installation connector ensure error-free installation of the individual components – including protection against mismating. Thanks to the color coding and mechanical A coding of WINSTA® MIDI pluggable installation connectors, you can clearly distinguish different circuits. This pluggable installation connector is used for electrical currents up to 25 A. Thus the product is especially suitable for high power loads. WINSTA® MIDI with Push-in CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology is found in a broad range of individual products you can use for quick, easy, flexible, and secure installation. A range up to 55 mm can be used for the strip length.

Lower costs through fast commissioning and elimination of service expenses – solutions from WINSTA® MIDI

WINSTA® is the pluggable connection system that is ideally tailored to the strict requirements of electrical installation. It allows error-free installation of cables and components, quickly and reliably. Choose durability and quality – the WINSTA® MIDI pluggable installation connector with marking from WAGO makes the installation of electrical components significantly easier.

  • protection against mismating eliminates errors
  • for automation controllers
  • for any mains application
  • flexible installation to save space
  • convenient installation and commissioning
Item no. 770-103