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22 March 2019
WAGO's Professional Tools for Electrical Interconnections

Strip, crimp and measure: For every building installation and control cabinet, professionals need tools they can always trust – even in critical applications. WAGO's new tools bring additional functionality and superior ergonomics to industry-proven cable strippers, crimpers and testers.

The new tools provide major cost and time savings because work is performed faster and errors are minimized. For example, WAGO's new tools allow sensor cables to be quickly and reliably stripped – without damaging individual wires. With a wide stripping range from 0.03 to 16 mm2 (34–6 AWG), WAGO's upgraded wire stripper helps reduce the number of tools needed.

At a Glance:

  • Cable Strippers

  • Stripping

  • Crimping with Variocrimp 4 and 16 

  • Two-Pole Voltage Tester with LED/LCD Display

Tools Overview

Cable Strippers
!image-medium:item_00006WIK!Data Cable Stripper206-1451
!image-medium:item_00006WIL!Universal Cable Stripper206-1442
!image-medium:item_00006WIM!In-Socket Cable Stripper206-1441
!image-medium:item_00006WIN!Cable Strippers for Control or Sensor Cables206-1482 or 206-1481
Advantages:- Intuitive and simple operation
- Single wires remain undamaged
!image-medium:item_00006WIP!Wire Stripper “Quickstrip Vario”206-1125
Advantages:- Stripping range: 0.03 … 16 mm2 (34–6 AWG)
- No additional anti-splaying protection required thanks to adjustable partial stripping
Crimping with Variocrimp 4 and 16
!image-medium:item_00006WIQ!Variocrimp 4 or 16206-1204 or 206-1206

- Square crimp shape
- Gastight crimp connection


For perfect conductor preparation: crimping pliers for various ferrules, stripping tools and other tools.