{ "@context" : "http://schema.org/", "@type" : "Product", "name" : "e!COCKPIT; Workstation License", "description" : "<p>WAGO Automation Software <b><i>e!</i></b><i>COCKPIT</i> for faster machine and system startup: WAGO's new engineering software shortens development time for automation projects while impressing with a modern and clearly laid out user interface. At the software’s core is CODESYS V3 for simple and versatile creation of applications.</p><p>Ensuring a project’s long-term viability through sustainable cost savings hinges on the user’s </p>ability to quickly adapt to new software that offers a high degree of reusability.<br/><p>WAGO set out to fulfill these exact requirements by developing its own engineering software: <b><i>e!</i></b><i>COCKPIT</i>. This integrated development environment supports every automation task, from hardware configuration, programming, simulation and visualization, to commissioning – all in one software package.</p><p>Use the programming tool to handle all important automation tasks, and implement especially complex projects quickly and easily.</p><p></p><p><b>Configuration and Parameterization</b></p><p>The integrated <b><i>e!</i></b><i>COCKPIT</i> configurators provide state-of-the-art operating tools and workspaces,</p><p>such as:</p><ul><li>Graphical network topology: Complex relationships between network devices and their current states can be identified easily and intuitively.</li><li>Drag & drop: Simplifies device interaction.</li><li>Copy & paste: Individual devices or whole network branches can be duplicated quickly.</li><li>Batch processing: Parameter values are set simultaneously for several devices.</li></ul><br/><p><b>Programming</b></p><p><b><i>e!</i></b><i>COCKPIT</i> offers multiple software development options:</p><ul><li>IEC 61131-3 PLC programming languages: Structured Text (ST), Ladder Diagram (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Instruction List (IL), Sequential Function Chart (SFC), </li></ul><br/>Continuous Function Chart (CFC)<br/><ul><li>For flexibility, all programming languages can be combined with one another.</li><li>Created programs can be easily debugged on the engineering PC via simulation.</li><li>New paradigms such as object-oriented programming are included.</li></ul><br/><p><b>Visualization</b></p><p>Advanced user interfaces for machine operation and monitoring are standard. Today, HMI-based design is a critical factor that influences the purchase of an entire automation line. <b><i>e!</i></b><i>COCKPIT</i> employs Drag & Drop to streamline the design of modern user interfaces. The integrated visualization editor provides:</p><ul><li>Access to IEC program variables</li><li>Closed simulation of HMI and PLC programs on the engineering PC</li><li>Guaranteed language independence via Unicode character set</li><li>Current standards such as HTML 5 and CSS</li></ul><br/><p><b>Diagnostics</b></p><p>Being acutely aware of the automation network’s current status is vital for rapid fault localization and debugging – be it during development in the office or directly on the machine during commissioning.</p><p><b><i>e!</i></b><i>COCKPIT</i> provides comprehensive diagnostic capabilities:</p><ul><li>Individual views, for example, always display the controllers’ status information both graphically and in tabular form.</li><li>To keep the project on time, error messages are transmitted directly and clearly.</li><li>The structured wiring test function systematically identifies wiring errors.</li></ul>", "mpn" : "2759-101/1110-2002", "sku" : "2759-101/1110-2002", "brand" : { "@type":"Brand", "name":"WAGO" }, "manufacturer" : { "@type":"Organization", "name":"WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG" }, "image" : "https://www.wago.com/medias/200-0200001c0002f0f3000100b6-DE.jpg?context=bWFzdGVyfGltYWdlc3wxMDU3fGltYWdlL2pwZWd8YURCaUwyZzBZaTh4TWpJMk5UTTNOekF6T0RNMk5pOHlNREJmTURJd01EQXdNV013TURBeVpqQm1NekF3TURFd01HSTJYMFJGTG1wd1p3fDgxY2YxMzU3NTBmMGRiYTE5YjdmYmMzOTRhNjRhMDlhMWYzODc3YThhZmRjODlmZDYwMzVjZGU2MDFhMTA2YWM", "gtin13" : "4055143327343", "category" : "Software", "url" : "https://www.wago.com/in/software/e-cockpit/p/2759-101_1110-2002" }
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