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Uncompromising protection, even under the toughest conditions: WAGO's modular SPEEDWAY 767 I/O System for IP67-rated cabinet-free automation features an impressive range of functions.

Your benefits:

  • Fieldbus-independent – compatible with all standard fieldbus protocols and ETHERNET standards
  • Fully encapsulated and excellent shielding for harsh environmental conditions
  • Real-time capability up to isochronous mode for selected ETHERNET-based fieldbuses
  • Standard plug & play connectors
  • Flexible mounting options

WAGO at Work

The Cabinet-Free Automation Solution

Measuring, controlling, regulating and monitoring in two-digit subzero temperatures, subjected to continuous vibrations and severe shocks, surrounded by dirt, dust and water: WAGO's IP67-rated SPEEDWAY 767 I/O System features fieldbus couplers and I/O modules optimized for robust, cabinet-free automation. International approvals guarantee worldwide use – even under harsh operating conditions such as ATEX, IECEx and UL508.

Economical and Extremely Robust

Mount the IP67 I/O system exactly where you need it – at the heart of the action, close to sensors and actuators. This adaptability not only reduces the cabling required, but it also simplifies startup, service and diagnostics. It offers uncompromising protection in both normal and harsh environments thanks to a fully encapsulated housing. The modules of WAGO's remote I/O system also operate reliably at temperatures from −25 to +60°C (−13 … +140°F) and are immune to electromagnetic interference thanks to internal shielding. And for maximum impact, the performance of the SPEEDWAY 767 I/O System is not restricted to just a few meters. With a total expansion of up to 500 m and a module distance of up to 50 m, WAGO components also ensure economical automation – even with large machines.

Fewer Modules, More Functions

The IP67 components combine a host of different functions into a single module. Example: Each channel of an analog input module can be set individually to 0–10 V, ±10 V, 0–20 mA, 4–20 mA or ±20 mA. Limiting values, substitute values, substitute value strategies and filter times can also be defined for each individual input. Sensor modules like incremental encoders and SSI can measure position and angle variations, distances and directions, as well as rotational directions. Additionally, functions such as cam or pulse width modulation can also be parameterized.

Ergonomic Design

Standardized M8, M12 and M23 metal connectors ensure easy plug & play wiring. The fieldbus, system bus, power supply and sensors/actuators are connected via differently coded connectors. This streamlined approach prevents wiring errors. The modules accommodate both marking strips and WMB markers for custom labeling. LEDs and marking fields are clearly assigned to the connectors.

Flexible Assembly

The modules of WAGO's remote I/O system can be directly mounted on machines. Extensive engineering ensures compliance with standardized specifications from CNOMO guidelines regarding the spacing of assembly drill holes that are often used in passive distribution boxes or sensor/actuator boxes. Adapter plates are also available – modules may be directly screwed to a machine or mounted directly to DIN-rail.

Exceptional Degree of Freedom

Featuring update capability, the SPEEDWAY 767 I/O System simplifies updating fieldbus coupler and I/O module firmware to incorporate new functions. Integrated system parameter handling stores and loads parameter settings and checks that the replacement module is correct when installed. With option handling, variable I/O station configurations – which can occur when tools are changed in a machining center – can be implemented without engineering via PROFIBUS.

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I/O Systems – Ready to Use Anywhere

Whether inside or outside the control cabinet, WAGO's I/O systems enable automation right where you need it – even under harsh conditions.

Sensor/Actuator Boxes

Sensor/Actuator Boxes for Signal Transmission

True plug-and-play: Sealed housing complies with the IP67 degree of protection. WAGO's sensor/actuator boxes are economical and also work outside control cabinets.