WAGO’s extensive family of products provides efficiency as well as support for energy management and IIoT processes throughout the entire automotive production process. From metal stamping to the body shop; from the paint room to powertrain, we offer a wide range of scalable solutions to maximize cost-savings and optimize uptime.

Product Highlights


The Press Shop

In a press shop, finished body parts are created in a variety of steps. Sheet metal is shaped under high pressure in pressing lines. Unfortunately, subsequent vibrations can sometimes result in costly equipment downtime. WAGO products are designed to ensure reliable, maintenance-free connections regardless of vibration or other environmental conditions.

Why use WAGO?

  • EMC resistance is a basic prerequisite for all of our products, guranteeing smooth operation - even under severe conditions.
  • Our proven spring pressure connection technology reduces costs and increases reliability.
  • We offer complete solutions for logging machine and energy data.
WAGO products are dsigned to ensure reliable, maintenance-free connection regardless of vibration or other environmental conditions in the press shop

The Paint Shop

In the paint shop, many different sequences must synchronize safely. It is necessary for equipment to interact with one another efficiently. Because the paint shop is a zero-error area, this places the extremely high demands upon electrical componentry. WAGO offers a wide range of products that are optimized for a perfect painting process.

Why use WAGO?

  • Intrinsically safe EX i modules allow use in hazardous locations.
  • WAGO's controllers, as well as M-Bus, counter, thermocouple and RTD measurement modules help monitor, control, and regulate processes.
  • The WAGO I/O SYSTEM Field is designed to offer IP67 protection for a variety of paint booth environments.
WAGO offers a wide range of products that are optimized for a perfect painting process in the paint shop.

The Body Shop

Producing a 'body in white' places maximum demands on system availability, as well as upon safety and reliability during production. These demands multiply when independently manufactured products are introduced into the same master system. Fortunately, WAGO products are designed to help meet these challenges quickly, simply, and safely.

Why use WAGO?

  • WAGO's automation products speak many languages, such as: PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet and more.
  • Using WAGO products means simplified integration into complex automation solutions.
  • Our spring pressure technology assures fast, efficient component exchange.
WAGO products are designed to help meet the demands in the body shop

The Powertrain

The term "powertrain" describes the production of highly precise transmission gears, as well as crankshafts for engines. A powertrain requires that finished components must be ready for installation in the right engine or transmission at precisely the right moment. WAGO fulfills these requirements with products designed specifically for these tasks.

Why use WAGO?

  • WAGO's automation products already fulfill IIoT/industry 4.0 requirements.
  • Setting sensor parameters using I/O modules in the WAGO control environment reduces commissioning and standstill times in your plants.
  • Rail-mount terminal blocks with POWER CAGE CLAMP securely connect large conductors up to 185 mm⊃2; (350 kcmil).
WAGO fulfills the requirements of the powertrain in the automotive industry.

Final Assembly

When the drivetrain and engine are bolted to the body, the Final Assembly is complete. A high degree of precision and control is required to ensure that all components are connected correctly during this process. WAGO PLCs help fulfill these requirements and ensure that functional areas are in failsafe operation around the clock.

Why use WAGO?

  • Our decentralized controllers in an IIoT/Industry 4.0 environment ensure flexible production control systems.
  • WAGO pick-to-light control solutions are designed to connect to production control systems.
  • Reliability and precesion are designed into every WAGO component.

Customer Applications

Flexible I/O System for All Fieldbus Protocols

Automation at an automotive supplier: Brose uses the modular WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM because it supports all conventional fieldbus protocols and ETHERNET standards. In its production lines, the automotive supplier Brose depends on decentralized automation using robust and reliable components, designed according to IP20. Low installation space demands, simple and fast expandability, and the ability to integrate different bus systems are the more important requirements here. The WAGO 750 Series I/O System and WAGO’s EPSITRON® Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs) are used.


Control Cabinet Manufacturing at Ford Using WAGO Terminal Blocks

With the introduction of the assembly line, Henry Ford left an indelible mark and it made him one of the most important pioneers in the automotive industry. The ambition of his company has always been to improve the production process. At their production facility in Cologne, Germany, they rebuilt their entire press line that manufactures chassis parts for the Ford Fiesta. One of the stars in this overhaul: WAGO’s rail-mount terminal block.


Playing It Safe with the Power Supply

For supplying power to manufacturing systems, safety plays a large role. In low-voltage main distribution boards, circuit breakers are typically used to safely prevent excess currents and switch off the power supply in the case of a short circuit. Therefore, monitoring systems is particularly important to enable fast re-establishment of the power supply in the event of an interruption. Schaeffler, an industrial and automotive supplier, therefore uses fieldbus couplers from WAGO in their roller bearing production at their Schweinfurt, Germany facility.



Automotive Industry Applications and Solutions at a Glance

WAGO products are used in all areas of automotive manufacturing. Our screwless connection technology assures maximum system availability at a conductor level while WAGO's controllers and remote I/Os provide support for energy management and IIoT processes. In all cases, WAGO can be an essential partner for the efficient production in automotive manufacturing both today and into the future.

Industrial Internet of Things


For Tomorrow's Industry

Our industrial world is being disrupted at an ever-accelerating rate. Digitalization, and the myriad transformative processes therein, continue to move apace as well. With solutions for cloud connectivity, IIoT and smart automation, WAGO has helped our partners shape the future while keeping a constant scrutinizing eye on current advances in cybersecurity and safety.

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