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Minimize costs and maximize your application safety with WAGO CAGE CLAMP® technologies.

As the world leader in spring pressure connection technology, WAGO offers the perfect connection system to meet your specific needs.
As early as 1951, WAGO implemented the concept of using spring pressure instead of screws to connect conductors. The “WAGO Connector” was the world's first PUSH WIRE® connector for junction boxes. With the invention of the CAGE CLAMP®, we set new standards that we are continually expanding and optimizing. Using WAGO's connection technology, you benefit from vibration-proof, fast and maintenance-free connections.

Your benefits:

  • Shorter wiring times to reduce your labor costs
  • Faster commissioning reduces upfront costs, and maintenance-free connections provide long-term savings
  • Maintenance-free spring pressure connection technology: Greater system uptime and equipment reliability
  • Rugged design: Products with CAGE CLAMP® technology can also be used in harsh environments – anywhere in the world

Effective Innovations

Our Connection Technologies

Proven in Billions of Applications Worldwide

The universal connection system we invented in 1977 is known as the CAGE CLAMP® and is the industry standard for electrical interconnection technologies.

All information on CAGE CLAMP® at a glance:

  • Terminate solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors ranging from 0.08 to 35 mm² (28–2 AWG). Both CAGE CLAMP® and current bar form a self-contained clamping unit.
  • The CAGE CLAMP® is made of high-quality chrome nickel spring steel.
  • The current bar is made of electrolytic copper with a tinned surface.

CAGE CLAMP® Termination

For all conductor types:

  1. Open clamping unit
  2. Insert the conductor
  3. Release clamp – done!

Simply Push In

Push-in CAGE CLAMP® is the universal connection technology for all conductor types that provides the simplicity of push-in terminations.

All information on Push-in CAGE CLAMP® at a glance:

  • Terminate solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors ranging from 0.14 to 25 mm² (24–4 AWG).
  • Connect rigid conductors by simply pushing them into to the unit – without tools.

Push-in CAGE CLAMP® Termination

This type of connection allows conductors to be terminated in two different ways:

  1. Universal termination of all conductor types: Open the clamping unit using an operating tool, insert a conductor, remove the operating tool – done!
  2. Push-in termination: Simply push a conductor into the unit – done!

Rigid conductors, such as solid, stranded and ferruled, fine-stranded conductors can be terminated by simply pushing them in – no operating tool needed. An operating tool is always required to remove the conductor.


The Fastest Connection Technology

The PUSH WIRE® connection system uses the conductor rigidity to offset the clamping force for insertion. PUSH WIRE® is primarily used in junction box connectors.

All information on PUSH WIRE® at a glance:

  • Connect both solid and stranded conductors.
  • The conductor rigidity is used to offset the clamping force by simply pushing the conductor into the unit.
  • Every conductor is clamped in a separate clamping unit.
  • The funnel-shaped conductor entry prevents connecting multiple conductors in one clamping unit.

PUSH WIRE® Termination:

  1. Simply push rigid solid and stranded conductors into the unit without using any tools.
  2. Remove the conductor by simultaneously twisting and pulling the conductor.

The Universal Connection for Large Conductors

The POWER CAGE CLAMP screw clamp connection system provides optimal clamping force for large conductor cross-sections up to 185 mm² (350 kcmil).

All information on POWER CAGE CLAMP at a glance:

  • Conductor range: 10 … 185 mm² (8 AWG … 350 kcmil)
  • Open the clamp by using a T-wrench.
  • Locking tab keeps the clamp open for easy conductor termination – ideal for three-phase circuit wiring.


  1. To open the clamp, insert T-wrench and rotate counter-clockwise to the stop.
  2. Next, push in the orange locking tab. The clamp is locked open for hands-free wiring.
  3. Insert a stripped conductor into the clamping unit until it hits the backstop.
  4. A short counter-clockwise movement closes the clamp, securing the conductor.

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