Tech Support PLC Training - Online - Class Full

Getting Started

September 13th, 2023
9:00am - 5:00pm EST
Hosted by: Marc Immordino


Over a 1 day period, attendees will experience a mix of lecture and hands-on exercises covering the following topics:

Introduction to CODESYS V3.5:

  • Software navigation
  • Installing WAGO packages
  • Using visualizations & web pages
  • Variable types & declarations
  • Addressing of I/O
  • Programming in LD, ST languages
  • Creating programs & function blocks

Introduction to WAGO PLC Hardware:

  • Hardware overview
  • Network interface configuration
  • Local I/O configuration
  • Troubleshooting & commmissioning using web-based management, WAGO-I/O-Check and WAGO Ethernet settings

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Target Group

The WAGO I/O SYSTEM training is tailored for those individuals who need information on how to use various software tools for commissioning, troubleshooting and diagnostics, as well as a hardware overview. It is essential that attendees have knowledge of basic electronics, i.e. voltage, current and power relationships, and a basic knowledge of programming concepts.


  • Training covers the following hardware: WAGO Compact Controller 100 & PFC 200 Controllers
  • Although hardware is discussed in the training, it is not required since the programming exercises can be completed and run in simulation mode