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WAGO Hand Tools Get the Job Done!

Control cabinet manufacturing needs a strategy, as almost half of the total production time is spent on wiring. WAGO offers a complete range of accessories designed to make this process faster and easier on the technician.

Your benefits:

  • Square gas-tight crimp with WAGO Variocrimp, regardless of users skill level
  • Wide range of cutting and stripping devices for the various type of wire and cable on the market today
  • Convenient stackable kits for easy standardization
  • Safely and quickly troubleshoot control panels with test and measurement devices

Product Family Overview

Wire Cutting & Stripping

Wire cutting and stripping is an integral part of installation, so having reliable, easy-to-use tools is vital.

Your benefits:

  • WAGO provides a large range of stripping tools for a variety of wire types
  • Quickstrip tool is a big time saver, providing the ability to cut your wire, then strip to the desired length
  • Quickstrip tool is capable of partial strip
  • Automatic stripping for control and sensor wires

Crimping Tools

The Variocrimp tools are the highest quality on the market. Users can easily achieve a gas-tight, square crimp.

Your benefits:

  • Tools are self adjusting for wide wire range
  • Consistently achieve a quality, gas-tight crimp, regardless of users skill level
  • Accommodates both right and left-handed operators
  • Available in convenient stackable kits with Quickstrip tool

Operating Tools

The operation of the CAGE CLAMP® is simple – open the CAGE CLAMP® with the operating tool, insert wire, remove operating tool.

Your benefits:

  • The tool stays inserted so you have both hands-free to cut, strip, and insert the conductor
  • A variety of operating tools are available based upon the size and type of terminal block or product being used.
  • Operating tool sets give the technician all sizes needed for WAGO terminal blocks
  • Comb-style, multiple operating tools allow for multiple Classic series terminal blocks to be actuated at the same time

Cable Cutting & Stripping

Not all cables are the same, so having quality tools for different cable types is a major resource for installation.

Your benefits:

  • Intuitive offering of cable cutting and stripping solutions specific for common round cables, in-socket applications, or data cable
  • Ergonomic design and integrated functions allow each tool to be used safely and effectively
  • Stackable cable cutter kit is compatible with WAGO ferrule and tool kits
  • Universal cable stripper can achieve standard or spiral cut on cable, as well as strip internal wires from 24-12 AWG
  • Cable stripper designed specifically for data cable

Test & Measurement Devices

WAGO devices are safe, compact, and convenient testing and/or measuring AC and DC currents.

Your benefits:

  • LCD and LED displays available allow for easy identification
  • Can be used to quickly troubleshoot control panels
  • Automatic ranging, single-pole phase search, and two-pole phase sequence testing
  • Testboy device illuminates with a voltage present
  • Ergonomic single-handed operation

Rail Cutters

WAGO now offers a complete din-rail and wire duct cutting solution, so manufacturers can complete these tasks themselves.

  • Cost effective Standard option for slotted din-rail
  • Upgraded Universal option for 5 different rail types
  • Universal allows for 12 x 6.4 mm vertical and horizontal punches
  • Upgrades available to make your Universal cutter automated
  • Easy and safe wire duct cutter for any channel up to 5” wide

Tool Bag

Protect and organize your tools with WAGO’s new tool bag. Able to withstand harsh conditions, this durable tool bag ensures that tools are safe and secure. Access your tools quickly and easily thanks to multiple compartments, pockets, and stackable storage units.

Product Videos

Videos:9 | Duration: 6:07
Product Videos
Videos:9 | Duration: 6:07

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