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Wire and Splicing Connectors

Save time and costs

Whether in a junction or distribution box, WAGO's wire and splicing connectors offer you the right product for every installation job. Push-in termination or lever-actuated, our solutions save time and money.

Your benefits:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • The right connector for every application
  • Minimal space requirements enable high wiring density
  • Clearly organized wiring in control cabinets and junction boxes
  • Maintenance-free installation
  • Permanent, secure connections

Compact Splicing Connectors

221 Series Lever-Nuts®

From intercom system wiring, to electrical ovens to hazardous locations:
Connecting different conductor types is quick and easy with WAGO's compact 221 Series Splicing Connector.

  • Connect all conductor types without preparing them
  • Combine any conductor types and sizes
  • Easy-to-use operating lever for tool-free terminations
  • Perfect for distribution applications thanks to mounting carrier
Compact Splicing Connectors 221 Series Lever-Nuts for connecting different conductor types

With PUSHWIRE® Technology

2773 Series WALL-NUTS®

With WAGO's PUSHWIRE® technology, wire splicing is faster and easier than ever before. All you need to do is push your way to fast, reliable connections - no twisting required.

  • Low insertion forces with high retention for a secure intention
  • The ability to combine different conductor types (i.e. solid and stranded)
  • With transparent housing and a built-in test port, troubleshooting is made easy
  • Compact design - the smallest in the industry, which reduces box fill
WAGO 2773 Series WALLNUTS® with PUSHWIRE® technology

Connectors for Junction Boxes


The 243 Series Micro PUSHWIRE® Connectors are specifically designed for low-voltage installations.

  • Common up to eight small, solid wires quickly and conveniently
  • Gang multiple connectors together with their dovetail features
  • Test the circuit through the front-facing test port
  • Differentiate circuits with multiple color options
WAGO 243 Series MICRO PUSHWIRE® connectors for junction boxes

PUSHWIRE® and Squeeze-to-Open

224 Series Inline Connectors

With the independent equipment per EN 60998 approval, the 224 Series Inline Connectors are the ideal solution for nearly all household applications and similar building installations.

  • Ideally connect solid conductors with fine-stranded conductors
  • Simple, tool-free wiring - especially helpful for overhead work
  • Support numerous applications, including connecting devices with flexible conductors to fixed installations (e.g., blind motors)

WAGO 224 Series Inline Connectors with PUSHWIRE® squeeze-to-open technology

PUSHWIRE® Connector for Luminaire Disconnect

873 Series LUMI-NUTS®

The 873 Series LUMI-NUTS® are fully protected against accidental contact making them the ideal solution for internal wiring.

  • Molded in color coding for circuit wiring
  • Two connections per pole on male side for daisy chaining
  • 20A current capacity to support multiple fixture loads
  • UL94 V-0 flame retardant rated housing

Splicing Connector

222 Series Lever-Nuts®

The 222 Series Lever-Nuts® is WAGO's original lever-operated splicing connector for all connections requiring standard or solid wires.

  • Accomodates a wide range of wire sizes
  • Combination of different wire sizes and types in one connector
  • Low installed cost and safe operation
  • Maintenance-free connection, built-in test point
  • Reusable connector

Moisture protection

207 Series Gelbox

The WAGO Gelbox provides IPX8 levels of protection for WAGO's splicing connectors – quickly, easily and reliably! It is available in six sizes and is compatible with WAGO’s 221 Series Lever-Nuts® and 2773 Series WALL-NUTS®, for example.

  • Can be used immediately and accessed again later
  • Suitable for indefinite storage
  • Silicone-free
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WAGO Splicing Connectors Sets

887 Series L-BOXX®

Three tiers of proven WAGO splicing connectors for different conductor types and a broad range cross sections prepare you for practically any task.

  • Splicing connectors remain properly sorted, ready and waiting at the right place when you need them
  • Convenient storage
  • The space-saving case is easy to store when the job is done

Where to Buy

Find Your Local WAGO Distributor

You can order WAGO products from electrical wholesalers and our authorized distributors. You have access to the entire WAGO product offering and can also experience first-class guidance and problem-solving expertise. This helps you find the products that best meet your needs.