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Save Time and Costs with Our Wire and Splicing Connectors

Whether in a junction or distribution box, WAGO's wire and splicing connectors offer you the right product for every installation job. Push-in termination or lever-actuated, our solutions save time and money.

Your benefits:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • The right connector for every application
  • Minimal space requirements enable high wiring density
  • Clearly organized wiring in control cabinets and junction boxes
  • Maintenance-free installation
  • Permanent, secure connections

With WAGO’s 2773 PUSHWIRE® technology, wire splicing is faster and easier than ever before. All you need to do is push your way to fast, reliable connections- no twisting is required.

Here are a few more advantages of our 2773 Series Splicing Connectors:

  • Low insertion forces with high retention for a secure intention
  • The ability to combine different conductor types (i.e. solid and stranded)
  • With transparent housing and a built-in test port, troubleshooting is made easy
  • The most compact design in the industry

LEVER-NUTS® Splicing Connectors for All Conductor Types

From intercom system wiring, to electrical ovens to hazardous locations: Connecting different conductor types is quick and easy with WAGO's compact 221 Series Splicing Connector.

  • Connect all conductor types without preparing them
  • Combine any conductor types and sizes
  • Easy-to-use operating lever for tool-free terminations
  • Perfect for distribution applications thanks to mounting carrier
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PUSH WIRE® Connectors for Junction Boxes

Our product range supports a wide cross section: The 243 Series MICRO PUSH WIRE® Connectors are specially designed for low-voltage installations. The 2773 Series connects conductors up to 12 AWG and aimed to help with higher voltage application within compact spaces.

  • Safety of contact due to low insertion and high retention forces
  • Fast wiring via push-in termination of solid conductors
  • Tool-free conductor terminations
  • Perfect for distribution applications thanks to mounting carrier
  • Transparent housing to visually verify proper conductor insertion

Lighting Connectors

WAGO's lighting connectors are the ideal connection between solid and fine-stranded conductors. Thanks to their approval as independent equipment per EN 60998, WAGO's lighting connectors can be used in nearly all household applications and similar building installations where a connection between solid and fine-stranded conductors is required.

  • Ideally connect solid conductors with fine-stranded conductors
  • Simple, tool-free wiring - especially helpful for overhead work
  • Support numerous applications, including connecting devices with flexible conductors to fixed installations (e.g., blind motors)