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Quick and Easy Installations in Buildings

Whether distribution boxes, control cabinets or room electrical installations – with WAGO at your side, you’ll always have the perfect connection technology for your wiring applications. WAGO also offers pluggable installation solutions, as you’ll see here.

Tips for Installation

Fast, reliable, maintenance-free – for every application! Discover practical tips and product recommendations for specific applications:

  • Wiring in distribution boxes
  • Installation in doorbell and loudspeaker systems
  • Wiring fine-stranded conductors in junction boxes
  • New installation in small distribution boxes

Featured Products

221 Series Inline Connector

Compact Splicing Connectors

WAGO's 221 Series Inline Splicing Connector connects all conductor types – at once. This connector condenses the industry-leading 221 Series Splicing Connectors’ advantages into a slim design. What's more, optional adapters provide completely modular mounting. Users get the flexibility of having five fixed-position poles in one adapter.

221 Series Inline.png


Test & Measurement Devices

WAGO devices are safe, compact, and convenient testing and/or measuring AC and DC currents. Measure Voltage in virtually any application without an additional neasurement adapter.



Get More Clamping Points on One Potential

WAGO's jumper increases the number of clamping points for the WAGO 221 Series COMPACT Splicing Connectors on one potential. It creates potential distributions with up to eight connection points in the DIN-rail adapter and is available in four variants: with or without a locking contact point lever, both available in blue or gray.

Our Top Applications

Installations in Doorbell and Loudspeaker Systems

For extra-low voltage installations such as the installation of doorbell and loudspeaker systems, we recommend the 243 Series.

Advantages of the installation terminals blocks:

  • Maintenance-free installation
  • High wiring density thanks to a compact footprint
  • Conductor range: 0.6 ... 0.8 mm2 (19 ... 18 AWG)

Wiring in Distribution Boxes

Space is always in short supply for installation in a distribution box. Therefore we recommend using the 2773 Series PUSHWIRE® Connector for Junction Boxes.

Advantages of the PUSHWIRE® Connector for Junction Boxes:

  • Compactness: smallest in the industry, which reduces box fill
  • Safety: highly transparent housing to visually verify that the conductor has been properly inserted
  • Conductor range: 20 ... 12 AWG (Solid) and 16 ... 12 AWG (standed)

Wiring Fine-Stranded Conductors in Junction Boxes

For wiring fine-stranded conductors in junction boxes, we recommend the 221 Series Installation Terminals Blocks.

Advantages of the installation terminal block:

  • Compactness: for limited space in the junction box
  • Convenience: easy connection due to lower actuation force
  • Safety: convenient testing even after installation thanks to two test slots


New Installation in Small Distribution Boxes

For installation in small distribution boxes, we recommend using the 2003 or 2005 Series Multilevel Installation Terminal Blocks.

Advantages of the multilevel installation terminal blocks:

  • Push-In Termination of Solid Conductors
  • Range of multifunctional jumpers
  • The fastest marking system
  • For the highest current load on the market

Building Installation

WAGO always provides you with the right solutions and products for all your electrical connection applications.

Videos:5 | Duration: 20:53
Videos:5 | Duration: 20:53