EnOcean – Battery-Free Radio Technology for Buildings

EnOcean provides the greatest convenience paired with low energy consumption. Easily control, for example, lights and blinds wirelessly with EnOcean radio modules – for technically and aesthetically innovative concepts in building automation.

Your benefits:

  • No maintenance thanks to “energy harvesting”
  • Long range: up to 300 meters outdoors, typically 30 meters in buildings

  • Unlimited number of sensors
  • Four billion code numbers ensure clear transmitter/receiver assignment

EnOcean Simply Explained

Radio switches and sensors based on EnOcean technology harvest ambient energy for their power supply, e.g., switches from the actuating force or sensors from the light energy. This is accomplished through the so-called “energy harvesting” that generates energy levels of 50 µW, enough to transmit radio signals up to 300 m in the open (30 m in buildings). EnOcean communicates via gateways with all available bus systems (e.g., KNX or BACnet) in the building. Each transmitter has a unique address and communicates with a receiving unit. Despite the limited energy available, these highly efficient electronics can transmit the signal several times, thus guaranteeing high transmission reliability.


No Drilling: Using EnOcean for Building Automation

A huge EnOcean advantage is the ability to mount switches and sensors using EnOcean on walls or glass surfaces throughout the building without drilling any holes. EnOcean is particularly suitable for renovations where laying cables is difficult or impossible. In addition, appearance or materials (e.g., glass walls) may also make using EnOcean technology ideal.

WAGO and EnOcean Advantages:

EnOcean is a technology with many advantages – particularly when combined with other bus systems (e.g., DALI or SMI). In addition, WAGO's product range includes interfaces for all relevant subsystems. They can be combined with WAGO controllers as required for an overall solution. EnOcean is used in combination, for example, with WAGO's flexROOM® and light management solutions.