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765 Series I/O-Link Analog Converters

Compact and Economical

WAGO’s new IP67 rated I/O-Link Analog Converters offer a solid and cost-effective solution for incorporating conventional analog sensors and actuators with IO-Link communications.

About the Products:

  • 765-2702/200-000 has two 0-10 VDC inputs that are converted to IO-Link for monitoring field level sensors.
  • 765-2703/200-000 has two 4-20 mA analog outputs while the 765-2704/200-000 has two 0-10 VDC analog outputs. Both devices will convert IO-Link signals to analog outputs.
  • 765-2701/200-000 comes equipped with a digital display that reports measure value configured with two-point scaling.
  • All of these devices can be set up using IO-Link configuration tools such as WAGO’s IO-Link configurator software.
  • These converters can also be used to modernize brownfield systems, converting analog to IO-Link, or directly controlling devices via a setpoint.

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