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Our motivation: what we stand for

Data and energy flows are part of the infrastructure of the digital world. WAGO products ensure the long-term viability of this connectivity.

We have always considered ourselves a reliable partner to the industry and are aware of the great responsibility we have as a leading supplier in the field of connection and automation technology. We face this challenge with passion and dedication and understand it as part of our entrepreneurial vision and mission.

Vision and Mission

  • We are a reliable partner of the industry.
  • We take responsibility.
  • We face our challenges.
  • We create the right connections.

What drives us

Our vision: "WAGO is the backbone of a smart connected world"

We strive to be the essential and equally reliable partner that everyone can rely on. In order to achieve this goal, we engage ourselves every day to do our utmost to further this aim.

Our mission: "Empower connections!"

We focus our thinking and acting on what we do best: to create the right connections and ensure their long-term reliability. The result is a stable and flexible foundation on which innovations and partnerships emerge and grow - for today and tomorrow - for ourselves - and for those who choose us as partners.

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