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WAGO Solution Providers

The WAGO Solution Provider Program is the foundation for a close partnership between your company and ours. And, just like all relationships, equal effort is required from both parties to make it successful.

Besides innovative products, people are the most important factor in the sequence from a first idea to commissioning. Expertise, understanding of customer requirements and product application experience are necessary ingredients for the implementation of diverse customer demands.

The WAGO Solution Provider Program:

  • Certification as official WAGO partner
  • Involvement in product development as tester
  • First-hand experience, innovation and trend reports
  • Information and materials for training and advertisement purposes
  • Use of the WAGO Solution Provider logo

Become a WAGO Solution Provider

Our Offer to You:

  • Partnership in successfully marketing WAGO's automation solutions.
  • To coordinate and host product training seminars and informational events that promote knowledge transfer.
  • Timely information about new products.
  • Free development environment with continuous software upgrades.
  • Registration of all partners in the reference database.
  • WAGO Solution Provider logo for your advertising.
  • Linking of your website to the WAGO website.

You Provide:

  • Strong industry presence and marketplace leadership.
  • A proven track record featuring successful WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM applications.
  • Regular market information to assist with product development.
  • An innovative spirit and a commitment to continuing education, including regular, continuous training.
  • Participation in WAGO workshops and informational events.
  • Reference solutions, case histories and applications that we can promote.
  • Actively advocate the use of WAGO products, even with your suppliers.
  • Publicity for projects you have implemented.
  • Links from your home page to the WAGO website.
  • Active beta test participation.

Your Benefits:

  • You actively participate in information exchange. We will inform you about new products and their applications. In training seminars, we will deepen your knowledge of WAGO's products to keep you updated. This will give you a decisive competitive advantage on the hard-fought market.
  • You are always notified early. We provide you with timely insight into our experiences, product assessments and developments in the automation market.
  • You will receive solution provider conditions. As a partner, you will systematically incorporate WAGO components into your projects, strongly advocate the use of WAGO components within the market. As our partner, we grant you permanently agreed-upon solution provider conditions.
  • You will be certified. This verifies your technical expertise.
  • You can use the WAGO solution provider logo. With the WAGO solution provider logo, you will be recognized as partner of an automation industry leader.

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