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Solutions Overview
We provide professional support to help you meet your individual requirements and are there for you throughout the entire process, from advising to operation, including service. We provide a solution consisting of hardware, software and services from a single source. Our proven system solutions draw on approaches that have been tried and tested over many years.


Custom Products

Our Custom Products and Engineered Services (CPES) Department offers a full turnkey value-add service that strives to fulfill customers’ needs while controlling costs. We work closely with our customers every step of the process – from designing to prototyping to manufacturing – to maximize expectations and solve application requirements.


Digital Engineering

WAGO provides you with all the data, software tools and interfaces you need for your processes – from electrical and mechanical planning, to ordering and production of configured products, to individual products. Whether control cabinet engineering, building planning or circuit board design: WAGO offers tailor-made solutions for your requirements that expedite your processes.

Edge and Controller Engineering

The right engineering environment can save money and time. WAGO offers here a wide range of products and the right tool for every application.


Energy Management

Corporations are increasingly scrutinizing the efficiency of their buildings and equipment. In addition to legal obligations, tremendous potential savings and synergistic effects are very alluring.


Light Management

Using a combination of predefined hardware and user-friendly software, WAGO offers a lighting management system that facilitates design and commissioning of new lighting systems while providing numerous additional advantages for their operation.


Manufacturing UL 508A Industrial Control Panels

We now offer complete design, prototype and manufacturing of industrial control panels according to UL 508A. In house certified experts will work closely with our customers to solve all panel requirements.


Panel Building

For everyone who wants to plan independently, WAGO has developed its free Smart Designer. This project design tool is available online – worldwide, around the clock and no installation is needed. The additional advantage for you: Smart Designer is always up-to-date.


Perfectly Plugged Electrical Installations

The WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System easily meets the strict requirements of building installations. The system provides simple pluggable electrical connections, making electrical installations fast, safe and error-free. This also applies to other applications, such as marine and railway systems, as well as industrial applications.



Explosion Protection

Explosion protection is among the legally required, safety-relevant task areas for system engineers and planners: Not only is human safety at stake, uninterrupted production processes and environmental protection are also critical.



When it comes to software and cybersecurity, WAGO proactively supports you to best protect your existing industrial automation processes. Whenever new potential threats arise, we provide you with recommendations, patches and updates as quickly as possible to minimize the risk.


Open Automation

Modular Software

Experience the possibilities of our open automation platforms. Whether you feel most at home in the world of PLC programming or embedded programming: With us, you can use your preferred software tools and programming languages, because we combine the best of both worlds.


Modular Automation

Modular automation has rapidly gained dominance, because systems consisting of several standalone modules allow much faster and more flexible operation than conventional systems designed from individual parts.


WAGO Cloud

Do you want to use your machines, systems and building data for monitoring and analysis in the cloud? Take advantage of our open solutions for easy and secure connection. In a few steps, you have a site-independent overview of all the relevant information and can identify potential for optimization and initiate changes directly.


Connectivity Hero

Our controllers and fieldbus couplers give you complete independence for automation, since they support all common fieldbus and Ethernet protocols. This allows you to use your existing protocols, but also to switch to new protocols straightforwardly.


Industrial Internet of Things


For Tomorrow's Industry

Our industrial world is being disrupted at an ever-accelerating rate. Digitalization, and the myriad transformative processes therein, continue to move apace as well. With solutions for cloud connectivity, IIoT and smart automation, WAGO has helped our partners shape the future while keeping a constant scrutinizing eye on current advances in cybersecurity and safety.

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