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Topics 18 October 2018
IoT Boxes: Automation Meets IT

This much is clear: Digitization, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things will permanently alter production processes around the world. In the future, everything will become more efficient, more customized, faster and cheaper. However, before this can happen, many companies face quite practical challenges: How is all this to be implemented in terms of technology? Clearly, there’s no ready-made solution – each company needs its own strategy to get its processes, machines and solutions ready for the digital transformation. However, is open automation technology exists that provides the basis for specific solutions – such as the WAGO IoT Box.

The benefits for you:

  • Easy connection of existing machines, systems and buildings to the IT system
  • The IoT Box is completely ready-made and can be used directly.
  • Configuration replaces laborious programming.
  • The IoT Box records all relevant signals and forwards them.
  • Connection to the IT system via Ethernet, WLAN or mobile communication network
  • Data security is a fundamental element of the IoT Box.

Connect Machines, Systems and Buildings

The company of the future will be one thing above all else: thoroughly networked. Anything that’s not connected to the IT system must be connected sooner or later, especially production. Many companies are not ready for this – and their machines and systems are inherently unable to transmit data. This is the key point where the WAGO IoT Box comes into play.
The IoT Box is a completely ready-made solution, which can be docked to existing machines retroactively, with no need to interrupt the production process. Due to the open automation technology, the IoT Box is universal and ideal for recording current, voltage, production cycles and system statuses, among other things.

Reliable, Flexible, Secure

Various options are available for connecting to the company’s IT infrastructure: Ethernet or WLAN connection, or completely location-independent access via the mobile communication network. The necessary security is provided not only by the separation between the IT and OT networks, but also by further measures such as TLS encryption and VPN tunneling, which are built right into the PFC controllers.

The IoT Box is based on the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750, so it offers an especially large variety of interfaces: To allow custom adaptation of the IoT Box to your own production environments, more than 500 I/O modules are available. The recorded signals can be processed flexibly and passed on to cloud systems or existing control systems, for example.

WAGO IoT Box Brochure

The WAGO IoT Box gives you a practical, easy-to-handle solution with tangible added value. The IoT Box is universal and
ideal for connection of machines, devices and buildings, as well as asset management.

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