PLCs – Controllers

Optimum performance and availability for machines and equipment: Thanks to their ultra-high performance, low power consumption, numerous interfaces, space-saving design and high level of reliability, WAGO’s user-friendly programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are cost-effective automation solutions for numerous applications.

The Benefits of WAGO PLCs for You:

  • Programmable with e!COCKPIT (CoDeSys 3) and CoDeSys 2
  • Fieldbus-independent – support for all standard fieldbus protocols and ETHERNET standards
  • Scalable computing power from fieldbus controllers to PFC100 and PFC200 Controllers
  • Ideal combination with the WAGO I/O-SYSTEM 750: 500+ modules for maximum flexibility and functional variety
  • Also for use in extreme environments

Simplicity at its best!

Basic Controller 100

WAGO’s programmable Basic Controller 100 provides flexibility, enhances machine performance, and speeds system development.

  • Supports common industrial protocols such as MODBUS TCP/UDP and EtherNet/IP
  • Programmed with CODESYS 3.5 engineering software
  • Ideal for large volume and price sensitive control applications
Basic Controller 100 (2000 x 1500).jpg

Ultimate Connectivity with Powerful Control

Compact Controller 100

Get exceptional control performance with our compact PLC combined with on-board I/O!

  • Ready for your digital transformation applications
  • Straight forward programming and configuration
  • High performance, IIoT ready with a small footprint
Compact Controller 100.png

Maximum Performance in a Minimum Space

PFC100 Controller

Diverse outputs in a compact housing! With the PFC100 Controller, WAGO offers an excellently equipped controller at a compelling cost-benefit ratio.

  • Economical project planning with e!COCKPIT
  • Ready for future business with scaleable control technology
  • Security packets provide on-device data security
PFC100 Controller.png

Our Most Powerful Line of Controllers

PFC200 Controllers

WAGO's PFC200 Controllers are ideal for a wide variety of applications in industrial, process and building automation.

  • These PLCs are suited for smaller control applications in both standard and harsh environments.
  • They are fieldbus-independent and ideal for decentralized fieldbus systems.
  • These controllers are also available as 750 XTR variants for applications in extreme environments.
PFC200 Controller.png

For Extreme Applications

PFC200 XTR Controllers

PFC200 XTR Controllers for extreme environments: Engineering, controlling and visualizing where other controllers fail.

  • These controllers withstand extreme climates, vibration, impacts and surge voltages.
  • They are fieldbus-independent and ideal for decentralized fieldbus systems.
  • PFC200 XTR Controllers feature an embedded Linux operating system and CODESYS 3-based e!RUNTIME environment.
PFC200 XTR Controllers.png

WAGO Edge Devices

Edge Controller and Computer

With WAGO's Edge Controller and Edge Computer, combine the ability to collect real-time data while leveraging cloud services.

  • PLC control with data mediation and the storage of a PC
  • Gateway between industrial networks, SCADA systems and Cloud services