Moments Of Success

Our customers’ success is our motivation – and the very personal moments are also important to us. As a strong partner, we help our customers around the world to make their individual moments of success happen.

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Controllers With Fiber Optic Ports

Each controller comes equipped with two configurable RJ45 Ethernet and two fiber optic ports for application flexibility.

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22MM Bulkhead Connectors

Adds Convenience. Helps Increase Safety

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I/O System Field

Automate and Network Modular Machines for the Future

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PCB Terminal Blocks And Pluggable Connectors For Power Electronics

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Electrical Interconnections

For rapid, secure, maintenance-free connections: WAGO is your partner for all conductor types. Our selection runs from rail-mount terminal block systems, installation and field-wiring terminal blocks, to pluggable connectors and feed-through components, to PCB connection and marking solutions.

Interface Electronic

Ease of use with maximum system uptime: The interface modules from WAGO meet the highest demands. Plan and perform your tasks reliably with our signal conditioners, relay and optocoupler modules, voltage converters and power supplies, as well as interface modules and system wiring.

Automation Technology

Measurement, control, regulation: WAGO's automation technology and associated software are future-ready and save time. Our I/O systems, controllers, displays and panels are characterized by a high level of reliability – even under the most extreme conditions.


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