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Digital Plant
Modularity, flexibility, and operator-independence drive modernization in production facilities around the globe. With the ongoing proliferation of digitalization, WAGO brings decades of experience to connect, measure, control and monitor today’s Digital Plant operations. To that end, our broad product portfolio has been purposefully designed to provide the utmost in reliability and safety every-time.

Product Highlights


Process Data Acquisition and System Networking

Over the past decades, market requirements in the Digital Plant have fundamentally changed. The increasing demand for customer-facing specialization and fluctuating supply chains has resulted in ever shorter product life and innovation cycles. These changes can be optimized through the implementation of increasingly digital and automated processes.

Why use WAGO?

  • Solutions tailored to unique customer needs: regardless of whether integrating existing assets or for optimizing plant/machine control solutions.
  • Support for various machine networking protocols (OPC UA, MTConnect, MQTT, etc.)
  • Secure cloud integration thanks to extensive IT Security Mechanisms.

Field Device Integration

Because all relevant data can be accessed regardless of location, processes can be monitored and improved in real time in the field. With decentralized storage, data from different machines, entire production lines, or even from separate physical plants can be gathered and analzed via central cloud services.

Why use WAGO?

  • Manufacturer-independent networking of units. The choice of fieldbus can be determined based on end-use specifications.
  • Wireless solutions: including controllers with an integrated cell modem.
  • I/O SYSTEM FIELD combines speed with Ethernet-based fieldbuses for IP67-rated solutions.

Connection to Control Technology

Aspirations to make processes more efficient are as old as industry itself. The digital transformation creates a new ecosystem of possibilities in control technology through the implementation of adaptive, innovative approaches and flexible technologies. Devices today must communicate seamlessly with each other in order to function with optimal efficiency.

Why use WAGO?

  • Years of experience integrating a wide variety of modular Process Control Technology (PCT) systems.
  • Comprehensive product portfolio extends from remote I/O to pre-assembled wiring and custom solutions.
  • Wide range of components for optimum shielding of process control levels.

IoT Box

Integrating machines and systems into the “Internet of Things” ” is incredibly simple with WAGO’s IoT Box. The complete system is ready for immediate use and offers all the functions required for digitalization from signal acquisition to cloud connectivity. The IoT Box was designed as a plug-and-play device – no hardware engineering is needed. Collected data is transferred to the desired IoT application with just a few parameter settings. The hardware includes a controller with its own communication interface, I/O modules with analog and digital inputs/outputs, a 3-phase power measurement module and a 24 V power supply unit.

Customer Applications

Safe Underground

Electricity is one possible ignition source that carries enormous risk in underground coal mining: Even a small spark can ignite an explosion. Manufacturers of machines for underground use must therefore ensure that there are no ignition risks in their systems. That is why Hazemag & EPR relies on controllers and other products from WAGO.


Well Equipped for Hazardous Areas

Tankers at airports around the world have to bring their A game every day. Closely timed flight schedules and strict safety regulations determine the everyday workload for vehicles and drivers. The Brazilian firm Rucker specializes in the equipping of airplane tanker trucks, and just completed a large project for Infraero, Brazil's national airline.


Digital and Independent with MTConnect

The digital transition requires increased networking between different components, machines, production facilities, and even companies. Gradually, manufacturers are equipping their machines to exchange information.


Industrial Internet of Things


Our industrial world is being disrupted at an ever-accelerating rate. Digitalization, and the myriad transformative processes they're in, continue to move apace as well. With solutions for cloud connectivity, IIoT and smart automation, WAGO has helped our partners shape the future while keeping a constant scrutinizing eye on current advances in cybersecurity and safety.

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