We Develop Reliable Solutions for Your Sectors and Industries

Railway Systems

Reliable Local and Long-Distance Rail Transport

On trains, on the rails, in railway stations: The connections provided by WAGO's technology are superior because they are maintenance-free.

Process Engineering

Always Innovative

Whether energy management or explosion protection, from Process 4.0 to cybersecurity, WAGO continuously develops solutions for users and planners.

Marine and Offshore

Full Speed Ahead

Whether it's applications in shipbuilding or in the on/offshore areas, WAGO combines innovation with reliability and flexibility to make it the preferred partner of many ship suppliers.

Power Engineering

Into the Digital Future

The energy sector is facing great challenges in every area. Intelligent networking and innovative solutions from WAGO help meet these challenges.

Lighting Technology

Let Your Light Shine

From connection technology for LED modules and drivers, through lighting connection and up to lighting management: WAGO has the experience and solutions so you can implement lighting efficiently and effectively.

Manufacturing Industry

Actively Shape the Transition

For mechanical engineers and end-users: WAGO’s solutions allow you to readily cope with rapidly changing requirements through Industry 4.0 and related technologies.

Automotive Industry

Production Reliability at Any Speed

Automobile manufacturers place great demands on system availability. WAGO has the knowledge and the products to ensure all production steps reach maximum efficiency.


Inspiration for you

Topics at WAGO

What Compels Our Customers: Trends and Evergreen Topics

Energy Management

Identify and Exploit Potential

Saving energy is good for the environment and for business. Performing the right analysis and taking the right steps can lead to sustainable profit. WAGO is your partner for effective energy management.

Lighting Management

The Intelligent Solution for Lighting Controllers

Put lighting into service faster and reduce overhead with simple operation: WAGO makes this possible!


Efficient Control Cabinet Manufacturing

Control cabinet manufacturers are challenged to continuously optimize their processes – all while simultaneously increasing demands for increased networking and integrated systems. The competitive ability of a control cabinet manufacturer is ultimately determined by its level of expertise in conjunction with the efficiency of its manufacturing processes.

Explosion Protection

Knowledge that Helps

People, environment and processes: Prioritizing explosion protection is essential and requires an experienced partner to advise you effectively – WAGO is there for you.


WAGO as a Company

Who We Are, What Sets Us Apart, What We Offer