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In a fast-paced New Energy Landscape, WAGO technology helps connect, monitor and control in a safe, reliable and high performance manner. Newer digital standards like IEC61850 and MQTT help OEMs, utilities and end users to achieve better visibility of electric energy flows and power quality. WAGO's best-in-class PCB connectors and rail-mounted terminal blocks continue to prove the highest reliability at higher current and voltage levels.

Product Highlights


Distributed Energy Resource Controllers

With the growth and changes in today’s energy industry, the demand to reduce carbon emissions with renewable electrical energy generated by Distributed Energy Resources (DER), grid operators must be able to monitor and control these new energy resources. Standards such as IEEE 1547-2018 have been adopted to provide a trouble-free connection between systems. WAGO DER controllers help reduce time to market of new systems due to its IEEE 1547-2018 verification.

Why Use WAGO?

  • Compliant with IEEE 1547-2018
  • Use the control capabilities of CODESYS 3.5 to monitor and control other functions of your system. •
  • Bridge multiple protocols with just one device: e.g., Modbus TCP/RTU/Sunspec, DNP3, CANbus, IEC61850, and more.

Smart Grid Monitoring and Control

The modern electrical grid is undergoing an unprecedented transformation due to exciting new innovations in renewable energy generation, electrification of transportation – with its associated high charging loads, and 2-way charging infrastructure improvements. More than ever, utilities and electrical distribution system operators need increasing amounts information to better ensure power quality, safety and reliability. To this end, better monitoring and control of low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) electrical power in front of and behind the electrical meter is necessary.

Why Use WAGO?

  • Cost-effective, rugged and reliable controllers with 500+ I/O modules for monitoring and/or control.
  • WAGO has extensive experience with and references for utilities, OEMs, and C&I end users.
  • Support for popular protocols such as DNP3, IEC61850, Modbus and more for efficient communication with remote control centers and field devices.


In the fast-paced New Energy Landscape, Hydrogen is becoming one of the best enablers for a more carbon-free environment. WAGO technology enhances your journey to produce, transform, transport and utilize hydrogen at end user sites. WAGO’s best-in-class technology is used to connect, monitor and control your hydrogen assets.

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Electric vehicle (EV) charging is growing in importance as part of the energy and mobility transition. Intelligent charging point distribution and load management is the key challenge in expanding e-mobility for grid operators, facility managers and industrial companies. For the e-mobility charging infrastructure, WAGO offers customized solutions for connection and energy flow control.


Customer Applications

The Digital Energy Transition with High-Tech Controllers

The expansion of renewable energies can only succeed if the fluctuating supplies from solar and wind arrays are compensated by flexible electrical consumers and batteries. Digital technology can help to solve this problem: Intelligent systems convert the analog electrical network into a communicative smart grid and pave the way for linking virtual power plants, generators and consumers.


The Tailored Large Storage Battery

With a scalable hybrid energy storage system of lead acid and lithium ion batteries, the battery expert HOPPECKE from Brilon is allowing new flexibility in power supply.

Intelligent Control of a Battery Swarm

The “SchwarmSpeicher Allgäu” swarm battery system stabilizes the low voltage network in and around the Bavarian town of Kempten. For monitoring and controlling the distributed storage systems, egrid, the specialist for intelligent distribution grids, relies on WAGO controllers, due to flexibility, reliability and service quality.

Storage Systems Balance Out Solar Power

As part of the Smart Grid Solar project, the Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research is testing how storage devices can help equip local networks for the increased supply of solar electricity. Controllers from WAGO ensure secure communication between individual systems and the control center.


The Multilingual Transformer Station

The security of the power supply can be easily endangered – for example, when an overly enthusiastic backhoe operator damages electrical lines during an excavation. In such cases, a fast and, above all, targeted diagnosis of the electrical grid is essential, both along long spans and also in the distributed transformer stations. In the transformer station in the Wittmund wind farm, ENERCON relies on the WAGO PFC200 Telecontroller for signal processing and data transmission.


Wiring Inverters - Safely, Quickly and Easily With A Lever

The roofs of many homes are already adorned with photovoltaic systems. But to ensure that the electricity generated from solar power also finds its way to your sockets, you need an inverter. To make the connection as safe, quick, and easy as possible for the installer, Fronius uses the lever connection technology from WAGO for its GEN24 Plus inverter generation – currently making it one of a kind on the solar inverter market.



Our Product Finder for Residential Solar Power

Adding solar panels to a home requires many products and the right connections to the home’s electrical system. WAGO’s Residential Solar Power product finder is here to determine which products are right for your project, whether you are a professional installer or a DIYer.

WAGO's Product Finder for Residential Solar Power

Industrial Internet of Things


Our industrial world is being disrupted at an ever-accelerating rate. Digitalization, and the myriad transformative processes they're in, continue to move apace as well. With solutions for cloud connectivity, IIoT and smart automation, WAGO has helped our partners shape the future while keeping a constant scrutinizing eye on current advances in cybersecurity and safety.

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