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Whether the power connection is located inside or outside the lamps or the lighting systems are used for street lighting, homes or in facilities, WAGO has quality products for every lighting application. Safe, compact and flexible designs make installations quick and easy with the ability to adapt to any requirements.

Product Highlights


Connection Technology for LED Modules

Our space-saving and modular connection systems can easily be implemented in already existing installations or in new projects. Whether round, linear modules or flexible strips, WAGO's connection solutions are easy to use while providing the quality you can rely on.

Why use WAGO?

  • Flexible and modular components
  • Low profile and white housing minimize on-board shadowing
  • High component quality and durability
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Lighting Management

WAGO Lighting Management is the sophisticated solution for large spaces such as production office buildings, facilities and warehouses. Using a combination of predefined hardware and user-friendly software, WAGO’s lighting management solutions facilitate design and commissioning while providing numerous additional advantages for operation.

Why use WAGO?

  • Maximize savings! Reduce energy consumption for lighting by up to 70%
  • Fast lighting implementations via PFC200 Controller and DALI protocol
  • Easy configuration and commissioning via standard Web browser
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Lighting Connections

Regardless of whether the power connection is located inside or outside of the lamps, or whether the lighting systems are used for street lighting, homes, or in facilities such as hospitals –WAGO has a reliable solution for every lighting application.

Why use WAGO?

  • Easy and safe wiring of lights and appliances
  • Compact, easy-to-use design, transparent housing, two test slots
  • Circuits can be created quickly, expanded flexibly and adapted readily to new requirements
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Customer Applications

BMW Production Hall: New Lighting Standard Replaces Old Lighting

WAGO’s newly developed lighting concept reduces the power consumed by lights within BMW’s production facilities by more than a quarter.


Inspiring Light Scenarios for a Novel Office Experience

Not only has Philips, a technology company, created a highly modern workspace with creatively themed areas at its DACH regional headquarters in Hamburg – the building is also a showpiece for innovative lighting technology.



Industrial Internet of Things


Our industrial world is being disrupted at an ever-accelerating rate. Digitalization, and the myriad transformative processes they're in, continue to move apace as well. With solutions for cloud connectivity, IIoT and smart automation, WAGO has helped our partners shape the future while keeping a constant scrutinizing eye on current advances in cybersecurity and safety.

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