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Quck, Responsive Custom Solutions

Custom Products

Our Custom Products and Engineered Services (CPES) Department offers a full turnkey value-add service that strives to fulfill customers’ needs while controlling costs. Our ISO 9001-2015 facility features many manufacturing stations for ESD Testing, assembly, pick ‘n’ place and robot soldering. We work closely with our customers every step of the process – from designing to prototyping to manufacturing – to maximize expectations and solve application requirements. With CPES, customers can expect completely custom products to their specifications; not repurposed copies of existing products. By manufacturing these products in-house, our customers can expect a quick design-to-product turnaround.

Features of CPES include:

  • Lower volume (100 piece) requirements – eliminating inefficient excess purchase quantities
  • No NRE fees
  • Testing/trying prototypes before purchase to assure product suitability
  • Complete ESD protected production
  • Lead-free solder options