Extreme Reliability

The WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 – Tough and Intelligent!

Challenging Environmental Conditions

Whether in the arctic or the desert, the WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 can start and run in temperatures from −40°C to +70°C. Low derating begins > 60°C and allows 70% output power in 70°C applications – even at an elevation of 5,000 m above sea level.

Furthermore, the wiring in the WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 has a high degree of resistance against transients. Overvoltage category III ensures safe operation in power grids with overvoltage surges or control cabinets with regenerative drive controllers.

At a Glance

  • Ambient temperatures from −40 to +70°C – You won’t need customized solutions for different locations and conditions, yet you’ll always have maximum flexibility.

  • Vibration resistance – Pro 2 stows everything away and reliably keeps equipment and processes running.

  • Overvoltage protection per OVC III – Reliably protects the input against transients.

WAGO Power Supply Pro 2

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The Power of Possible

Our answer to stricter requirements is the WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 – the heart of the control cabinet, which takes the challenges of today and tomorrow and turns them into concrete possibilities – we call this the power of possible!

Intelligent Load Management

TopBoost, PowerBoost and configurable overload behavior – WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supply protects your equipment with intelligent current and switching modes. 150% PowerBoost and up to 600% TopBoost are available for reliable and fail-safe system availability.


Pioneering Communication

Knowing is better than guessing – WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supply gives you important operating statuses directly on-site or allows you to view additional (and valuable) data via a communication module.


Consistently Sustainable

Up to 96% efficiency – that has significant advantages, such as lower energy consumption, and thus lower CO2 emissions. The heat loss is also lower, which in turn means less heat in the control cabinet.