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Our Motivation: What We Stand For

Data and energy flows are part of the digital world’s infrastructure. WAGO products are able to sustainably ensure the functionality of this fundamental principle.

We have always understood our role as a reliable and forward-looking partner for industry. We are conscious of the great responsibility that we hold as a leading provider of electrical interconnection and automation technologies. We meet this challenge with passion and commitment, and consider it to be part of our corporate vision and mission.

Vision and Mission

  • We are a reliable partner for industry.
  • We accept responsibility.
  • We face our challenges.
  • We create the right connections.

What Motivates Us

Our vision: “WAGO is the backbone of a smart, connected world.”

We strive to be both an essential and reliable partner, providing a stable foundation on which others can build. We pursue our goals to the best of our ability every day, and commit to achieving them.

Our Mission: “Empower Connections!”

We focus our thoughts and actions on what we do best: We create the right connections and sustainably ensure their reliability. This creates a stable yet flexible foundation on which to innovate and form partnerships. These foundations serve us, and those who select us as partners, both now and will continue to do so in the future.

Inspiration for You

This Distinguishes Us:

Our Approach

Values and Culture

As a family-owned company with a strong sense of responsibility, we constantly work toward improving the welfare of everyone involved – whether employees, customers or suppliers. This principle is deeply rooted in our culture and influences all of our day-to-day activities.

Our Responsibility

Better for Everyone

We implement sustainability at all levels and are conscious of our responsibility to our employees, our partners, the environment and society.


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We Configure the Digital Future



People are the focus at WAGO – our numerous awards for employment practices confirm this. We offer various entry-level positions and opportunities for career advancement.



Digitization is inevitable, so it is all the more important to pursue a tailored digitization strategy at your own pace. WAGO can help you with expertise, tools, solutions and a great deal of passion.