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WAGO Cloud – Questions and Answers

WAGO Cloud – You Ask, We Answer

Do you have questions about WAGO Cloud? Many of these are easy to answer in advance. Get the answers by clicking on the question in the list below.

General questions

Data can no longer be received and access to the various WAGO Cloud functions (apps) is no longer possible – only the license app is available.

Yes, you will receive a verification email from the WAGO Cloud within minutes. Once you have received the verification and have verified your email address, the WAGO Cloud is at your disposal.

Yes, there is a free trial version of the WAGO Cloud. The WAGO Cloud is available free of charge for a maximum of 30 days or until the test points (100 license points) have been used.

All services in the WAGO Cloud are billed via license points. You can use the license calculation tool to determine your need for license points: www.wago.com/cloud-calculator.


Yes, the RESTful API and examples in Python are available!

No, this is impossible. The web visualization can only be displayed if it has been created in e!COCKPIT.

The WAGO Cloud offers various interfaces for the export of data (RESTful API, CSV).

Yes, user management allows you to individually assign different authorizations in the WAGO Cloud and also to revoke or delete them at any time.

The WAGO Cloud provides remote access to the local web visualization and the Web-Based Management of a controller.


To communicate with the WAGO Cloud via MQTT, the firewall must permit outgoing connections via Port 8883.

Communication between the controller and WAGO Cloud occurs via the message protocol MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport).

Your data resides in a high-performance, highly secure Microsoft Azure data center in Europe.

Communication between controller and WAGO Cloud is TLS-1.2-encrypted (Transport Layer Security).


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