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Ready-to-Use Solutions for Industry 4.0

The WAGO IoT Box is the perfect solution for connecting new and existing systems.

Integrating machines and systems into the “Internet of Things” ” is incredibly simple with WAGO’s IoT Box. The complete system is ready for immediate use and offers all the functions required for digitalization from signal acquisition to cloud connectivity. The IoT Box was designed as a plug-and-play device – no hardware engineering is needed. Collected data is transferred to the desired IoT application with just a few parameter settings. The hardware includes a controller with its own communication interface, I/O modules with analog and digital inputs/outputs, and a 24 V power supply unit. Depending on the application, additional I/O modules, including a 3-phase power measurement module, can be added later to adapt the system to specific requirements. Additional options include a protocol gateway to various fieldbus and control protocols or the evaluation and pre-processing of data using PLC functionality and/or applications under Linux®


  • Ready to use
  • Hardware/software expandable and customer-specific adaptable
  • Flexible connection via ETHERNET, WLAN or mobile network

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WAGES Monitoring for Manufacturers: Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability with the WAGO IoT Box

In today's competitive manufacturing landscape, plant managers strive to enhance efficiency and drive down costs. The key to powering manufacturing operations lies in effectively managing WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, and Steam). By optimizing resource utilization, manufacturers can unlock a range of benefits, including cost reduction, improved quality control, and predictive equipment maintenance.


Reliable, Flexible, Secure

Connect Machines, Systems and Buildings

The company of the future will be one thing above all else: thoroughly networked. Anything that’s not connected to the IT system must be connected sooner or later, especially production. Many companies are not ready for this – and their machines and systems are inherently unable to transmit data. This is the key point where the WAGO IoT Box comes into play.

The IoT Box is a completely ready-made solution, which can be docked to existing machines retroactively, with no need to interrupt the production process. Due to the open automation technology, the IoT Box is universal and ideal for recording current, voltage, production cycles and system statuses, among other things. Various options are available for connecting to the company’s IT infrastructure: Ethernet or WLAN connection, or completely location-independent access via the mobile communication network. The necessary security is provided not only by the separation between the IT and OT networks, but also by further measures such as TLS encryption and VPN tunneling, which are built right into the PFC controllers.

Customer Applications


Added Value out of the Box

With its IoT box, Liebherr has devised an infrastructure that creates added value from production data for many application areas. The core is a WAGO Controller: The PFC200 enables the connection of any system and machinery. This ensures maximum flexibility. With this new infrastructure, Liebherr can optimize existing processes and set up new business models – while being prepared for future opportunities and challenges.


TTS Automation

Automated Loading Documentation

It’s uncommon to find systems in production plants that combine the three different worlds smoothly. A project by WAGO and TTS-Automation shows exactly how providing an open control and protocol landscape can achieve this. This project combines the IT environment, process technology and logistics to implement an efficient, safe, well-documented loading processes.


TTS Automation

Safe Filling in Hazardous Areas

As a solution provider for explosion-proof cameras in process and system monitoring, TTS Automation has developed a system for safe loading processes. The intelligent industrial camera allows tank loading processes to be monitored and anomalies detected early. As an intelligent interface for image analysis, TTS relies on the IoT Box from WAGO.


Where to Buy

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To learn more about purchasing a WAGO IoT Box, please contact your local WAGO Sales Representative. To find yours, follow the link and enter in your zipcode.


WAGO Product Ranges

WAGO Cloud

The most important foundation for sustainable corporate behavior? Comprehensive information from all business divisions – from sales and purchasing, as well as production as the central part of the value-added chain. Up-to-date data from your machines, systems and processes is the essential prerequisite for implementing future technological changes and puts you one step ahead of the competition.

Industrial Internet of Things


For Tomorrow's Industry

Our industrial world is being disrupted at an ever-accelerating rate. Digitalization, and the myriad transformative processes therein, continue to move apace as well. With solutions for cloud connectivity, IIoT and smart automation, WAGO has helped our partners shape the future while keeping a constant scrutinizing eye on current advances in cybersecurity and safety.

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