A Holistic Approach: From the Field Level up to the Cloud

Everything from a single source: In addition to the PFC100 and PFC200 IoT Controllers, WAGO is expanding its digital performance portfolio with new WAGO Cloud Data Control capability. This expansion allows WAGO to offer a solution that links elements from the real and digital worlds.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Universal solution for various applications thanks to individual dashboards
  • Scalable Internet of Things (IoT) platform: Expandable and customizable via REST/OPC UA interface
  • Central system status monitoring and notification via alarm handling
  • Secure communication via TLS encryption
  • Central data visualization via location-independent access to the Cloud Data Control

WAGO at Work

What Makes the WAGO Cloud Successful

Performance Scope of WAGO Cloud Data Control

WAGO Cloud Data Control manages and monitors all WAGO PFC Controllers, as well as their applications and data. A Web portal serves as a user interface for the cloud service hosted at Microsoft Azure. Customers have access to functions – like project, controller, and user management, controller status monitoring, alarm functions, and email messaging – through this gateway. A dashboard displays text, tables, diagrams, display elements and command buttons for seamless and intuitive operation. For customized solutions, the REST or OPC UA interface is used, for example, in energy monitoring and predictive maintenance applications.

Register here for the free use of WAGO Cloud Data Control.

WAGO Cloud Data Control is available for free as a beta version until the end of June 2018.

Impressive Hardware

Both WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 and 750 XTR connect to the field level, and a PFC Controller sends data to the Cloud Data Control. In just a few simple steps, both the PFC100 and PFC200 Controllers can be transformed into IoT devices by installing a firmware upgrade and programming an IEC application with the corresponding library. Communication between PFCs and Cloud Data Control is performed and encrypted via MQTT protocol. The user can easily run an upgrade in the Web browser using WAGO’s Web-Based Management (WBM) system. The cloud connection data is also configured using WBM. Libraries for CODESYS 2.3 and e!COCKPIT are also included. The variables that will be transferred to the cloud can be defined using the IEC program. This means that sensitive data does not leave the company. Thus, both WAGO PFC100 and PFC200 Controllers form the platform that links elements from the real and digital worlds. They also offer a variety of interfaces, forming the perfect foundation for an IoT gateway. These modular and scalable controllers collect every field signal, communicate in all industrial protocols, and even enable cloud connection to sensors and actuators that themselves have no Web interface.

Scalable Solution Thanks to a Reliable Partner

With M&M as a member of the WAGO group, WAGO has a partner for holistically developing industrial and technical software solutions. M&M collaborates closely with Microsoft to implement corresponding solutions in the cloud and IoT, primarily using Azure. Microsoft Azure is highly scalable in computing power, data storage, transactions, availability, and security standards. It offers a quickly growing number of services and tools to provide an optimal foundation for implementing solutions tailored to our customers. Thanks to the REST/OPC UA interface in the Cloud Data Control, it is possible to link our cloud service with a customized solution from M&M. WAGO and M&M jointly provide a complete solution, including hardware, software and additional services. Click here for more information.

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