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The WAGO TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Block is available with operating slot, lever or push-button termination.

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17 October 2018

WAGO Field-Side Power Supply Filters and Power Supply Filters with Integrated Ground Diagnostics for Equipment and Systems with Insulation Monitoring

Until now, reliably powering a fieldbus node was the sole function for both WAGO's field-side power supply filters and power supply filters. However, two new variants now offer integrated ground diagnostics as well. And these models go beyond merely protecting the system against high-energy disturbances on DC supply lines, such as those caused by switching overvoltages or inductive loads, and the field supply against transient overvoltages.

16 October 2018

International Energy Management

WAGO has internationalized its 3-Phase Power Measurement Modules to give system and machine operators worldwide access to the data they need to address the ever-increasing scrutiny of energy consumption. Initially launched for the European market, WAGO’s I/O modules can now also be used globally in virtually any network, including major networks used in the U.S. and Japan.

15 October 2018

Seamless Information Flow for Optimal Networking

WAGO diversifies its product range with a new controller in the PFC200 G2 family that excels at networking. The controller is equipped with additional connection options: four RJ-45 interfaces, a Sub-D for CAN and a USB connection.

11 October 2018

3-Phase Power Measurement Module for Three-Phase Supply Networks

Within control cabinets, the new WAGO 3-Phase Power Measurement Module directly measures all parameters in a three-phase electrical supply network. In addition to energy consumption, it is also possible to reliably detect network feedback, such as that from power electronics.


For the High-End Power Segment: The New 3-Phase Power Measurement Module (750-494/000-005)

A new high-current variant joins WAGO's line of 3-phase power measurement modules. The new 750 Series Module measures DC and AC currents via external shunts up to 20,000 A, augmenting the upper-range of WAGO’s energy measurement technology portfolio.


Splicing Connectors for All Types of Conductors: WAGO 221-412, WAGO 221-413 and WAGO 221-415

WAGO's 221 Series Splicing Connectors for all types of conductors set new standards. This new series is 40% smaller and even more user-friendly than its successful predecessor, the 222 Series.

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