Railway Systems

We have made maintenance-free connections in local and long-distance transport possible with spring pressure connection technology. Today, we offer additional comprehensive solutions.

Maintenance Free Spring Pressure Connection Technology For Maximum Safety And Uptime


WAGO are the pioneers in applying spring pressure technology to connect conductors, enabling safe, reliable electrical connections for power and signal transmission. 

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The Hidden Underground Moment

When true passion for a job meets expert knowledge, the result can be truly fabulous projects – like one of the most modern train stations in central Europe: the Łódź Fabryczna. This spectacular underground train station has far more to offer than is visible at first glance. The comprehensive technical equipment of the building is also impressive – after all, many trains and buses arrive and depart the station every day, reliably and safely. And the technical experts rely primarily on automation solutions from WAGO.

Point Operating Systems

Functioning point operating systems – whether operated electrically or hydraulically – are fundamental to preventing train failures. Therefore, operators rely on predictive maintenance – detecting possible defects before they arise. The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM collects the data measured by sensors on the points and provides them to the control center. This allows the smallest deviations to be evaluated directly and repairs to be initiated.


Infrastructure in Railway Stations

Railway stations as railway facilities and reception buildings consist of various equipment and systems that are operated electrically and whose functionality must be monitored. This includes lighting controllers, evaluation systems and low-voltage switchgear that ensure passengers’ comfort and safety. In railway stations too, WAGO provides failsafe power supplies and data recording for various analog and digital signals.


Signal Technology at Railroad Crossings

Reliable, maintenance-free electrical connections are essential in signal technology at railroad crossings, as well as in railway stations or on points. Many facets of WAGO connection technology come into play, especially for cable boxes, point operating systems, block systems and signal boxes. WAGO's electrical interconnection technology has been used in railway applications since the 1970s, has corresponding approvals and has been proven in practice.


WAGO Technology in Railway Vehicles

For more than 40 years, WAGO has been a railway staple. The superior operator-independent quality of WAGO's electrical interconnection technology, which features quick and easy handling, is only one of the reasons that this vibration-proof spring pressure connection technology has been an industry go-to. You can find our technology aboard electric and diesel locomotives, passenger railroad cars and double-decker vehicles, and in traction vehicles for regional, local and high-speed trains, trolleys and subways.


Applications in Trains

WAGO’s enormous product range of electrical interconnection, interface and automation technologies allows us to provide an appropriate, reliable solution for all applications that can be installed quickly and easily. We're ready for space-limited applications in cabs and doors, as well as installs for lighting and air-conditioning technology to drives and converters, switch and fuse panels, battery chargers, toilets and junction boxes that require durability.



Our WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM ideally supplements our customer's safety-oriented controls for the implementation of preventative maintenance. Whether on rails or switches, our products fulfill the requirements of DIN EN 50121-4, EN 50121-5 and DIN EN 50155 railway standards – without application limitations.


● Screwless connection technology provides maximum contact reliability.

● The plastics used as insulation for rail-mount terminal blocks fulfill the requirements of EN 45545 without limitation.

Customer Application

No Failures

Kirow railway cranes and slag transporters are always reliable, even under the most inclement weather conditions – with WAGO technology.

Customer Application

SBB – Train Stations at a Glance

The control and error messaging system for the SBB (LSS-CH) replaces 23 different control systems with WAGO's automation technology.

Process Engineering

Innovative Solutions All the Time

Whether energy management or explosion protection, from Process 4.0 to cybersecurity, WAGO continuously develops solutions for users and planners.

Building Technology

Make Plans Today for Tomorrow

Whether lighting and room management or solutions for heating, ventilation or air conditioning, WAGO is an innovative partner with the right products to save you time, costs and energy.


Working at WAGO

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