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Enabling the Energy Transition Together

Energy generation, distribution, storage and consumption – the energy transition requires the interaction of all the players. This is why WAGO has been a reliable partner to the energy industry for many years – for municipal utilities, system operators, system integrators, station builders and industrial customers alike.

Technically and technologically, WAGO is represented in many different areas of the energy market with automation technology, interface electronics and connection technology. In addition, our Smart Grid symposium promotes idea sharing among colleagues – exploiting practical experience for practical applications. Furthermore, with our WAGO Solution Provider Program, we bring together project-specific clients and implementation experts.

This is how we can enable the energy transition together!

An Overview of the Topics and Solutions We Offer:

  • Digitization of Energy Networks

  • Transparent, efficient grid operation

  • Grid-compliant integration of renewable energy from decentralized generation

  • Energy storage systems

  • Dynamic load management

  • Sector coupling

  • E-charging

  • Power-to-X

  • Virtual power plants

  • Telecontrol technology (RTU)

Our Solutions for Current Challenges

The WAGO Grid Gateway Application

The controller application now offers operators of power distribution grids an economical solution to help advance the digitization of new and existing substations. It allows better network status assessments and efficient grid expansion – with the highest level of cybersecurity.

Telecontrol Technology Connection for Customer Transfer Stations

Easy connection of decentralized generation systems, storage systems and end customers – to help connect customer systems to the e.on, Westnetz, EnBW and EWE medium-voltage grids via telecontrol technology, WAGO provides communication libraries for download at no cost – according to the specific technical connection rules. Or perhaps a complete control cabinet – including software parameterization?

Power Plant Controllers with WAGO Power Plant Control

Power plant controllers help power plants achieve grid-compatible feed-in management at the grid connection point (GCP).

WAGO Power Plant Control allows plant operators and system integrators to meet the requirements for these controllers that are set on the grid side – flexibly and reliably. The solution is certified per VDE-AR-N 4110 and 4120.

Load Management Solutions for Charging Infrastructure

Electric vehicle (EV) charging is growing in importance as part of the energy and mobility transition. Intelligent charging point distribution and load management are key challenges in expanding e-mobility for grid operators, facility managers and industrial companies.
For the e-mobility charging infrastructure, WAGO offers customized solutions for connection and energy flow control.

RTU for Telecontrol Technology

For Standards and Extremes

Robust and highly tolerant: Whether temperature fluctuations, vibrations, shocks or electromagnetic interference – retrofit telecontrol technology according to your needs and requirements. The WAGO 750 Series PLC – ready for standard applications or extreme uses.

Power Engineering – Customer Applications

Are you active in the energy industry? Are you looking for solutions to ensure the success of your projects? Then read the example here for inspiration – learn more about our customers and the projects we’ve supported them with.

Redispatch 2.0

The requirements for Redispatch 2.0 are many and varied, the specific implementation is still open, and the preparation time is ambitious. But the deadline is set: As of 2021-10-01, implementation of the new Grid Expansion Acceleration Act (NABEG 2.0) is required. From then on, electrical distribution network operators will also be required to actively participate in avoiding network bottlenecks. WAGO supports you in preparing for Redispatch 2.0 – with the WAGO Energy Workshop for sharing experiences.

Products and Solutions for the Energy Industry of Tomorrow

WAGO’s Energy Solutions – Audio and Video

Videos:8 | Duration: 15:40
WAGO’s Energy Solutions – Audio and Video
Videos:8 | Duration: 15:40

WAGOdirect Energy – Read the E-Paper Now!

Discover our WAGO customer magazine for the energy industry. In it, you’ll find a compact collection of topics, application reports and customer testimonials, as well as information on our solutions, services and products for the energy industry of tomorrow. The current issue covers topics including power plant controllers, “Redispatch 2.0,” telecontrol connection of customer transfer stations, digitization of distribution substations, e-mobility in public transport and demand-driven night identification of wind turbines.

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Digitization of the Energy Market

Energy suppliers need to change the way they think. Instead of merely selling green energy, they also need to organize and market the flexibility that is required for maintaining stability on the electrical grid. This means that the energy system needs to be controllable from production to consumption using intelligent communication networks. WAGO supports digitizing the energy sector and design of smart grids with state-of-the-art control and measurement technology, along with software solutions that enable a simple and secure connection to the cloud.


Renewable Energy Generation

As the proportion of renewable energy sources increases, decentralized suppliers and substations must be consistently monitored. This data must be archived, analyzed and transmitted securely. WAGO's automation systems provide the solution: They are compact, support many interfaces and fieldbus protocols and offer a high level of availability – even in bitter cold or high heat. Thanks to the intrinsically safe Ex i modules for the modular WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM, usage in hazardous areas, like biogas plants, is no problem.


Integrating Decentralized Suppliers

In virtual power plants, decentralized generators like wind turbines, storage facilities and controllable loads become a flexible (and adjustable) backup. Intelligently synchronizing these reduces loads on the power grid. WAGO's telecontrollers make it easier to combine them: They meet the requirements of the VHPready 4.0 communication standard, ensuring trouble-free connection of systems to the virtual power plant. VHPready functions like a translator so that control centers and systems understand one another.

energy_integration dezentraler einspeiser_einspeisemanagement_windenergie_gettyimages-700834979_2000x2000.jpg

Energy Grids

The grids, including their automation and telecontrol technology, are due for modernization. WAGO's controllers provide important grid data, allowing grid operators to intervene with automated control as needed. In the field of gas and heat supply as well, WAGO's technology grants control and access to all data within the systems connected to the grids from any connected location. With the special security concept of the PFC200 Controller, WAGO follows all relevant cybersecurity guidelines.


Energy Storage Systems

Storage systems compensate for fluctuating green electrical generation, reducing load on the power grid. WAGO’s telecontrol technology is at the heart of storage systems. It records all measured values, such as the feed-in data of solar plants or wind turbines, and enables monitoring and customer-specific control of the storage. For example, if the mains frequency increases due to high feed-in from renewables, the battery, power-to-heat or power-to-gas plant receives the order to draw excess current from the grid.


Topics and Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Insight, background and know-how:
WAGO lets you discover power engineering from multiple angles.

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Products and Technologies for Your Applications


The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750/753

Any function, every fieldbus: WAGO's remote I/O system gives you the best options for tailoring the implementation of your automation solution.



We automate where others capitulate – reliably and economically, up to Zone 0/20 hazardous areas!


Current Transformers and Voltage Taps

Sustainable maximum energy performance: WAGO offers you the right solution for every step of the way to reach this goal.


Push Performance to the Top with TOPJOB® S

Just plug it in and you’re good to go: With TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks, you can perform wiring quickly, directly and securely anywhere in the world in all applications.


PCB Terminal Blocks for Power Electronics

More compact but just as reliable: The demands made on power electronics are high. Meet them with WAGO's PCB terminal blocks.


POWER CAGE CLAMP for High-Current Applications

Optimal clamping force for energy-intensive applications – even in Ex areas. WAGO' solutions featuring POWER CAGE CLAMP offer everything you need for heavy-duty use.