Direct Integration on PCBs: Compact WINSTA®MINI Pluggable Connectors

Previously, the housings of devices for building technology had to be customized to fit pluggable connectors (e.g., with snap-in connectors), while wiring was performed manually.

Your benefits:

  • Direct integration on PCBs

  • Low profile: 4.4 mm pole pitch

  • Maintenance-free components

  • Large number of color and coding options

Now, the new WINSTA® MINI Pluggable PCB Connectors can be directly soldered to the PCB, significantly streamlining and economizing the process.

WINSTA® connects all of the electrical components of a building: The pluggable connection system forms the electrical interface from power supply and distribution to electrical loads, also including data processing.

Making Electronic Devices and Lights Ready for Pluggable Installation

The extremely low-profile connectors feature a nominal current of 16 A and a pole pitch of 4.4 mm and are available for rated voltages up to 250 V and 400 V. Straight and angled versions of the plugs and sockets are available, opening up new possibilities for providing a wide range of versatile functions as pluggable solutions in buildings.

Even more impressive for the new WINSTA®MINI modules is their inherent safety that is ensured by three mechanical coding options. A-coded connectors in black and white are ideal for 230 V systems. Coding B (gray, light green and pink) for customized pole markings can be printed at the factory to suit customer requirements. I-coded connectors in blue are designed for dimming lights (e.g., DALI lights).

Product Overview

Product Overview

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